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  • Eastwood Daily News

  • Eastwood's 1st Pinewood Custom Car Show

    When walking around the offices of Eastwood there aren't too many people in a bad mood or unhappy with their surroundings. One of the ways we love to keep the spirits up in a normally mundane "cubicle-world" is to hold picnics, town hall gatherings, and even sometimes games. Today our great customer service team held a custom car show for some pinewood model cars they each built and modified. The team was judged on creativity and quality of their build. The entries were all well done, but Ivan and Keith came in with wins for "Most Unique" and "Best Craftsmanship". Don't forget to congratulate all of these folks on a job well done the next time you call in or chat with them on the site!

  • Pile-House- Somewhere to rest it's cab

    After another week span, I got a few minutes to work on Pile-House today. I began by measuring, aligning, and clamping the original '50 Dodge cab mounts to the chassis. It looks pretty close to the original holes in the cab. Therefore, all I should have to do is move the holes towards the outer edge of the cab a little more to align with where the cab mount holes currently sit on the brackets.

    After I had them clamped in place I used our MIG 175 to lay the first tacks/beads to hold the mounts in place. Once I get the cab to chassis height situated, and the front end mounts welded in, we will be removing the entire cab and front end to begin digging into the suspension, chassis, and running gear. Stay tuned!

  • Eastwood Daily News

  • Parking Lot Gems- Original 50's Chevy Pickup

    Next to Eastwood there are a few fairly busy shopping centers which always provide a diverse crowd. With that diverse crowd you get everything from the businessman with his new sports car, to the moms with mini vans, customs, restored classic rides, and my favorite "original classics". I decided to start a series where I post photos of some of these interesting rides we spot in the parking lots surrounding the Eastwood headquarters.

    This gem looks to be a 50-52 Chevy Pickup. The split window and wing windows are what were a giveaway for Joe R.; our resident "Classic Car Encyclopedia". This truck was in pretty original condition. It must have been painted yellow at some point, but the respray had to be quite old, and there were many touch ups done (with a brush) around the truck. It seemed to be a "driver" as everything was pretty focused on function here, no fancy wheels, big brakes, upgraded exhaust, or anything here. It all looked someone had been just keeping it going all these years. The chassis and running gear looked pretty clean, and under the layers of paint, we reckon she is pretty dang straight. We reckon it could be a nice base for a resto here on the east coast. But in the end of the day, we are just happy to see unrestored classics like this still rolling around!

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