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  • Eastwood SEMA 2011 Show Day Three

    Day Four at SEMA 2011 and man is this place packed! We really hope that the turnout at the show this year is a reflection of how on-the-rise the automotive market is, especially customs and restos. Today we had Kevin Tetz from Trucks! stop by and we let him have one of the first chances to preview our new products coming out for 2012. Stay tuned for our "First Impressions" with Kevin here shortly!

    Kevin Tetz at Eastwood Booth

    Also here is the final coverage of the Firetruck "Hotrod" I was raving about earlier in the week. The video really shows how great these guys are, and how hard they worked on it. Check it out!

    As always there is an endless supply of amazing show cars. Here is my highlights from day four at the show. Keep watching through Saturday!

  • Eastwood Daily News

    • Here is something that isn't slammed like others we've been posting. Wanna see more trucks? Tell us! #
    • Kevin Tetz from Trucks! and Paintucation stopped by the booth to check out some of our new products. Videos to come! #
    • Now THIS is a truck I can get into. Look at the dish in those rear wheels! -Matt/EW #
    • Here are the highlights from Day 2 at Sema 2011. Enjoy! #
    • Eastwood awarded by Popular Mechanics Magazine for an Editor's Choice Award for a new product debuting late this... #
    • Here is a custom take on a muscle classic. What's your thought, too much or refreshing change? #
  • Eastwood Live At SEMA 2011- Day 2

    Today was the first official opening day of SEMA 2011, but for Eastwood it is day 2. Every day it seems like new cars pop up, today was no different. As soon as we walked into the parking lot I spied an extra cool bare metal late 40's Dodge (if you know anything about me I LOVE 40's and 50's Chrysler and Dodges). This thing has an insane amount of custom work and we were lucky enough to do an interview with one of the guys from Autocore Kustoms that is building it. Stay tuned for our video feature on the car later this week!

    We also were flattered to be picked for a Popular Mechanics Magazine Editors Choice Award for one of our new Eastwood-engineered products. We are excited to launch to the public here soon, as the response from our peers was amazing!

    Below are the highlights from todays show. Watch out for the pics and details from tomorrows show on our Facebook!

  • Eastwood Daily News

  • Eastwood Daily News

    • May have found my favorite custom of the show already. Full photos to come later this week! #
    • Another slammed classic wagon, couldn't resist! #
    • First one to start off the day. Beautiful paint and sitting low. What's your take on the wheel choice? #
    • One last pic from setup today. A killer slammed 50's truck. What would everyone like to see tomorrow? Muscle,... #
    • Another cool classic custom front and center outside the show! #

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