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    • Finally a nice sunny day here in Eastwood Country and some of us drove our "fair weather" rides. What did you... #
    • Our "Bug Guy" Nick C pulled his latest project out of the woods. Check it out in our latest blog entry! #
    • Eastwood will be hitting the 2011 DMA Convention in Boston to check out the coolest new happenings in all aspects of media M-W #DMA11 #
  • Nick's Newest Project (It's not a Bug!)

    Nick is known around the office as "The Bug Guy". He has had his hands on more VW Bugs than many twice his age! Now that Nick's family is growing with the addition of another little one, he began searching for something that he can take the entire family to shows in (and still have elbow room!). So he looked to the VW Beetle's larger brother, the VW "Type 2" or as we all know them as, a VW Bus. He really preferred the early split window versions, but the prices for even rotted out carcasses were scary! Until one day, a local VW club member posted up on Facebook that he had one for sale in decent shape; and for a very reasonable price. Who says Facebook isn't good for anything!

    Once Nick got ahold of the owner, he got the same old story "used to drive it, was great, then I parked it to restore, and never got around to it". Many years later parts for the bus were scattered among the owners friends and family, and the rolling bus was left to sit in his woods. Once Nick negotiated a price and sorted out what parts he actually DID have (how do you lose an engine .. I mean really!), he drug her home.

    She is a 1966 "Kombi". From the numbers Nick stated it originally was white on top and white on the bottom. This thing was painted at some point and the red is now quite pink!

    After getting it home, Nick couldn't resist buffing a section of the faded "pink" paint, and to his surprise; it actually rubbed out quite well! He plans to take care of the mechanical maintenance it needs, fix the previous owners shade-tree repairs, install a bug engine he has laying around, and lower it a bit for next season. The paint will get rubbed out, and proudly display it's Patina for now.

    As with any project, it could go astray, and a full on restoration could occur.. but for now we are just excited to see Nick rolling into our next Eastwood Summer Classic with this and his family! We will keep you updated as he progresses!

  • Eastwood Daily News

  • Eastwood Daily News

    • If this doesn't get you excited to enter our contest..... well... YOU BETTER CHECK YOUR PULSE! -Matt/EW #
    • A cool shot from our work on Project Pile-House today. Small update here:... #
  • The welding has begun

    Busy with some other projects, I haven't touched this for almost a week. We got back into it today. After cutting the firewall open even more for added space, we were able to roll the chassis back into place so the wheels are centered in the wheel wells. Our next job is to tackle making plates in the cab for where the mounts will rest. The front mounts are the main concern as the floor around the original points is quite crunchy...

    We decided to cut some steel plate and tie the cab mount plates into the front door pillar for added strength. It may be overkill, but at least I can rest easy when driving the hell out of it! Below is the first plate we added with the help of the Eastwood MIG 175 and the Versa Cut Plasma Cutter. More to come this week.

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