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  • The First 5 Fabrication Tools for Beginners

    With Fabrication and Metal Shaping tools becoming more affordable and more accessible more entry level guys and gals are adding fabrication tools to their home shop. Sure the giant industrial tools all the pros have are great and drool-worthy, but there's some basic tools every one of those pros also have that they still use regardless of the size of their shop or tool collection. We decided to put our top 5 must-have fabrication tools together every beginner should consider when just starting out.
  • Products that Save Time when Painting a Car

    Painting a car can and will take a LOT of time. The amount of time depends on the quality of work you're doing, but there are some time saving products that can make your life easier and shave some time off of the entire painting process. We decided to put together a handful of our favorites here in this post. Share your time saving products or paint tips in the comments below!
  • Junkyard Survival Kit- What you need at the Scrapyard

    Some of us car-guys and gals were hitting junkyards before we could even drive. If you were lucky enough to be raised around the junkyard and scrapyard you know the ins and outs about what to have in your bag or bucket for your "Junkyard Survival Kit". But if not, you may be in for a rude awakening if you start hitting the yards for parts for your car. I've been religiously hitting junkyards all over the world since I could barely drive. I've learned a lot of tricks along the way and figured I'd pass along some of my go-to items I always have in my bag at the yard.
  • Welding Gloves Aren't Created Equal

    When it comes to welding there isn't a one-glove-fits-all style. Each style has its own features that make each of them ideal for their intended use. We decided to break down the basic styles of gloves and show why each are used.
  • Tricks to getting dry Compressed Air

    The invention of compressed air running tools to make jobs easier is amazing and can make our lives much easier when working in our home shop. Unfortunately some tasks to require clean, dry air to allow the tool to work as it should. For instance your media blaster HATES moisture in the air and will clog the blaster nozzle up quickly if your air isn't very dry. While your paint gun doesn't care if it's spraying 100% water or paint; your paint DOES car and you will have issues with a paint job if your air isn't dry. Not to mention the lifespan of your air tools can be greatly reduced if you don't have dry air running through them! We put together a few products that can be life-savers if you can't afford an expensive filtration system at the compressor (the CORRECT, long term way to solve air moisture issues).

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