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  • Soda Blasting Made Easy!

    Regardless of your project, removing paint and rust are time consuming. There are countless ways to achieve the end result, but one of the best ways to do it right, is by Abrasive Blasting. Abrasive blasting is a process in which Abrasive blasting media is shot at the piece and strips the coating or rust (Eastwood carries different types of media depending on your application). This allows for quick stripping, and even cleaning in hard to reach areas that conventional methods do not work.

    For stripping paint and coatings, one of the safest methods is Soda Blasting. This process uses bicarbonate of soda media (baking soda, although different from what is in your kitchen) to effectively remove paint, but without causing damage to the surface metal. In fact, it is so gentle that you can leave the windows and trim in place and it will not etch those surfaces. Soda also works great for degreasing parts, fire demage restoration, graffiti removal, and mold remediation. 

    If you are working on a Corvette, this is the ticket for stripping paint from the fiberglass……wish I had a soda blaster when I did my Corvette and my father’s Corvette....I spent countless hours removing the original paint.

    As soda blasting is very gentle on the surface, it will not remove rust or corrosion from the surface.  Eastwood’s Soda Blaster can be converted to a conventional pressure blaster to run more aggressive media for rust removal. This essentially gives you two machines in one – a pressure blaster and a soda blaster. If you already own a pressure blaster and would like to soda blast, Eastwood offers our Soda Blasting Retrofit kit that allows you to convert your pressure blaster to a soda blaster. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on the Eastwood Forum.
    By Nick Capinski

  • Eastwood Daily News

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