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    • Congrats to Car of the Year 2010 winners! 1st Place- Mike A's '53 Ford F-100, 2nd Place- Kenson S's- '69 GMC... #
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    • We have compiled the votes for the Car of the Year 2010 Contest and will make the official announcement on Monday. Stay tuned! #
    • With all of the bad weather we've been getting, you need to make sure you have the best headlight output possible.... #
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    • The time is near... we just got some of our first production units in. Anyone interested in a Pre-Sale on our TIG... #
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    • Ron F. sent us some pics of his custom mailboxes that he builds with Eastwood products. Good job Ron! #
  • My mailbox looks faster than yours!

    Here is a recent submission we got from one of our customers Ron F. Ron builds highly custom mailboxes with the help of Eastwood products. I don't think I've ever thought to build something this crazy as a mailbox.. but now Ron has me thinking! I'll let Ron tell his story.

    "I hand build custom mailboxes [see attached pictures]. All of my boxes are built form flat 16 gauge sheet metal. I bend, roll, and weld till I have a finished box. I use Eastwood hammers and dollys. I do all of my own powder coating with supplies I get from you. I also have the pro gun that you no longer sell.
    The truck was a custom order and I used a silver base coat and finished with the translucent green. The tires are high gloss black and the bumper and stacks are reflective 1 step chrome. The sprint car is high gloss red and I mixed some red metallic in to get the shine you see.
    I tried other powder suppliers because occasionally you didn't have colors I needed. I had alot of trouble buying small amounts, and they just didn't perform like I wanted. I needed Caterpillar yellow for the bulldozers i make and had to buy 50 lbs. The color was perfect, but I could almost see through the color down to the metal.
    The customers that buy my boxes always comment on the shine and smooth finish I get. The trucks and cars would not be near as cool if the paint job was shabby. Not to mention I can powder coat in cold weather, not like painting and I need a heated shop.
    I just wanted to show that you don't have to be a car guy to use your products. I also take your catalogs to work and leave them in the lunch room for other guys to look at.

    Thanks Ron F.

    This is a great story, and the mailboxes he builds custom are amazing pieces of art! Please check out the samples below of 2 he recently finished.

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