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  • Dan's Stunning Impala SS- Thats a lot of S's!

    Dan S. is a pretty regular face, and friends with the guys in the Eastwood retail store. He always seems to have some sort of awesome project going on. Some of you may remember the last time he stopped in to visit in his recently finished 1965 Project GTOhhhh myy!. Today happens to be Dan's birthday (Happy Bday Dan!- EW staff), and he decided to take a cruise in his most recent project, this 1963 Chevy Impala SS. This car is numbers-matching with a 427 4-speed. As with any project, they never seem to be done, Dan mentioned he will be working on detailing the engine bay a little more and then just enjoying it. It's nice to see all of the different uses of Eastwood products that go into these projects! I snapped off a few pictures; check them out below!

  • Eastwood Daily News

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  • A sad day for the Collector-Car Community

    The collector car community lost a well known name. Billy Thompson of White Post Restorations recently passed away. For some of us "young-timers" we may not know the name as well, but he had a huge positive impact on the classic car community through his products and work. His name here at Eastwood rings a bell to many, as he is known as the first "Eastwood B2B Customer" Curt ever had when starting the business. His receipt from 1978 is even framed and hanging on Curt's office wall! With that receipt posted we are constantly reminded that he was one of the first to take a "chance" on the young Eastwood company and begin placing large orders for his shop. If it wasn't for people like him, we wouldn't be where we are today!

    So many condolences from Curt Strohacker and The Eastwood Company go out to Billy's family, friends, and anyone that he has touched over his many great years.

    Thanks to Hemmings Blog for the initial post.

  • Getting Sideways in Moscow.

    While browsing some other automotive blogs, I spotted this on the Top Gear UK site (I still only recognize this as the only Top Gear show.. no matter what the U.S. TV networks try to market to us!). It is a top quality production done on the streets of Moscow with 2 of the top professional drift drivers. Videos like these make me wish I became a race car driver, too cool!

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