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  • Getting a little too loose

    While doing my daily search of hot automotive topics, viral videos, and general forum gossip, I came across this video.

    Now I am all for doing burnouts, getting sideways, and having a little "fun" in your ride. But sometimes you need to make it a practice of taking that split second before you do something silly like that, to check out your surroundings and rethink the consequences. This fellow obviously did not have the control or experience to be doing something like that with a crowd of people around. Everyone was luckily ok, but that could have turned out way worse.

    Speaking of burnouts, I shot a fun video/commercial yesterday involving the little gem pictured below doing some smoky burnouts and promoting our current contest Eastwood's Vegas Dream Ride Tour. Watch this space, and our Youtube channel for the final edit!

    -Matt (the Capri runs much better than it looks!)

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  • Eastwood Daily News

    • What's all the hype about the newest Ferrari? I posted a crash-course in the best videos on YouTube that cover... http://fb.me/IsWLkxig #
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  • Whats all this talk about the new Ferrari 458 Italia?

    If you follow current automotive news, you may have heard a lot of talk about the new sports car to come out of the Ferrari camp. This thing oozes "sexy sports car", and most any red-blooded car enthusiast would love to own, or even have a chance to drive one. I decided to save you guys and gals the research and reading on the different opinions on "why this car is so great", or "why has a handful of them started on fire recently?", or "what can this car really do if "beat on"?, and post a couple of videos that seem to be getting some buzz that cover all of those questions. I highly recommend the Top Gear review, both humorous, and really makes you feel like you are right there driving it with them as they test it! There is even a teaser video for the popular video game "Gran-Turismo".. looks like they may be including it in a future game! Enjoy!

    And if you want to drive a Ferrari and other dream cars, don't forget to enter our Vegas Dream Ride Tour contest!!

    Feel free to post a comment below on your thoughts on this new sports car!

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  • Eastwood Daily News

    • "1947 Willey's Overland Pickup, Working whiskey still, The truck runs on moonshine. 3.5" top chop, Lengthened the... http://fb.me/GoKkMYrT #
    • "Here's a picture of my 67 Chevy pick-up with a 454. Finally a high temp color that matches the color I need and... http://fb.me/Gh7YkeRN #
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  • Sending one back to pasture.

    Here at Eastwood, we feel the need to keep at least a few old rusty test vehicles around that we can use to do "real world" testing. We had a '66 Ford F250 that we had been using for testing the past few years. Yesterday we sent it back to our local "classic car junkyard". We originally got the truck from the very same yard, and we wanted to make sure it didn't just go to a normal junkyard, where it would be crushed instantly. I decided to snap some pictures of it getting loaded on the old Chevy rollback they brought by to haul it with. Don't worry this thing won't get crushed! It will be held at the yard for someone ready to take it on for a project or use it for a donor to restore another!

    Now we just have to convince the bosses to let us snatch up that 40's Chevy delivery panel van they have sitting at the same yard! I know we've been itching for a project to do here in the shop!

    Until next time, keep wrenching!


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