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  • Eastwood Daily News

    • Check out the story and pics from our second visit to Source Interlink! You won't want to miss the shop, the cars,... #
  • Eastwood Visits Source Interlink's El Segundo office!

    Last Thursday you may have read about our trip to the Irvine headquarters for Source Interlink, home of some of your favorite auto magazines. Well on Friday we visited their relatively new El Segundo office. We were lucky enough to get to show off some of our newest upcoming products and tour this amazing facility.

    Any avid readers of Car Craft, Hot Rod, Import Tuner, Classic Trucks, Lowrider, Street Rodder, etc may recognize some of the vehicles hanging out in their shop. This includes one of the most famous Chevy's ever. Hot Rod's 50+ year old ever-evolving project car. A 57 Chevy. This car has changed and been publicized more than any other Chevy in history. "Project-X".

    Also check out the trick bar they have in their shop. It sports a counter top of old Hot Rod covers and articles, a Hurst Shifter beer tap, custom wheel bar stools, Cam shaft footrests, custom hoods with lights mounted in them for lighting, etc, etc. This bar was really something!

    Lastly we were able to preview their amazing photo studio where a lot of the cover shots for the big magazines are shot, as well as feature articles. We were lucky enough to be in time to catch a photoshoot going on for LowRider Magazine. This cover car was AMAZING (the model wasn't too bad either!). Even if the LowRider scene isn't your thing, everyone can appreciate the amount of work, money, and time that goes into some of these beautiful cars!

    We couldn't thank the crew at Source Interlink anymore for their hospitality! We hope to meet up and hang out again with you guys!

    Check out the entire album for all of the other incredible shots of their El Segundo headquarters!

  • Eastwood Daily News

    • Eastwood is invading Los Angeles and some of your favorite magazines' offices. Check out their killer shop! #
  • Eastwood visits Source Interlink in LA!

    For anyone not familiar with Source Interlink, they publish some of the largest automotive magazines out there. I could bet you have read or bought a number of them before. Everything from Car Craft, Hot Rod, Street Rodder, Classic Trucks, Popular Hotrodding, to LowRider, Mini Truckin, Eurotuner, Import Tuner, etc. If there is an automotive niche, they publish a quality magazine about it. We are lucky enough to be invited out to show off some of our exciting new products, and brainstorm (some call it bench racing LOL ) about future projects and stories.

    Today we hung out at their Irvine office. I decided to snap a few shots of what they had "laying around" their garage. This place was so nice! Tomorrow we visit their El Segundo office. Until then check out the pictures I snapped today!

  • Eastwood Daily News

    • Eastwood is invading the Los Angeles area today! Watch out for some cool pictures as we hang out with our friends... #

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