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  • Project of the Week- Powder Coating a vintage Mini Bike

    Here at Eastwood we're always working on new products, but we always make sure we're testing products we've offered for quality. Recently JR decided to powder coat a vintage mini bike to show off some of our Hot Coat Powder and test the outcome of our metallic powders.   Click Here To Read Full Post...
  • 2014 AACA Hershey Fall Swap Meet Report

    For most here at Eastwood The fall AACA Hershey swap meet has become a tradition to visit each year. The reality with Hershey is that if you can't take off of work and come mid-week, you're going to miss the REAL good deals. Heck, some of the best deals are scored by fellow vendors on setup day it seems! I decided to swing by on the first official day of the swap meet and see what this year had in store.   Click Here To Read Full Post...
  • Glossary of Paint Terms

    To clarify some of the terms used in describing the many types of automobile and truck paints, the following is a glossary of paint terms that apply:


    Primer is the necessary base for any paint job. It binds the paint to the metal, wood, fiberglass or previously painted substrate and provides a smooth and even base for the final finish. There are many different primers each with a different specific purpose depending on the type of finish being used over it and the substrate it is covering. It must be carefully chosen depending on the application. Always used regardless of finish.

    Nitrocellulose Lacquer

    Nitrocellulose lacquer is based on wood or cotton fiber dissolved by acids to create a resin combined with color pigment and solvents. When applied in multiple coats and sanded out between them, after a lot of hard work, it is well known for its deep and beautiful finish. Very rarely used today except on 100% authentic restorations.

    Acrylic Lacquer:

    Acrylic Lacquer is made of synthetic resins, pigment and solvents. Like Nitrocellulose Lacquer, it also requires a lot of hard work but when done properly, is beautiful. Very rarely used today except on 100% authentic restorations.


    Enamels or “oil-based enamels” are based in linseed or other drying oils along with pigments and mineral spirits or turpentine as a solvent. They tend to be thicker and harder than lacquer especially when baked but do not respond well to final sanding and rubbing out. Rarely used today.

    Alkyd Enamel

    Alkyd Enamels use a synthetic resin base, pigment and mineral spirit solvents. Like oil enamels, they tougher than lacquer but are generally not sanded and rubbed out. Rarely used today.

    Acrylic Enamels

    Acrylic Enamels are made with acrylic resin and have alcohol solvents. They are often used with an activator for dramatically increased durability. Still used today. Very dangerous without proper breathing apparatus!

    Single Stage Urethanes

    Also sometimes referred to as “Urethane Enamels”, Urethanes are modern two-component or “2K” formulations requiring an activator. The activator is usually mixed in just before use in a 4:1 or 3:1 ratio of paint to activator and has a window of 1 to several hours before hardening completely. They do not air dry but chemically harden with the activator. They provide a full gloss, do not require a clear coat, can be sanded and rubbed out like lacquer and are extremely durable, chip and UV resistant. Used in many re-paints today as well as fleet truck and aircraft use. Very dangerous without proper breathing apparatus!

    Two Stage Urethanes

    Also two-component or “2K” formulations like the Single Stage coatings, they also require mixing with an activator. The Base coat or 1st stage is strictly the color coat and has no gloss or protective properties and must be top coated with the Urethane Clear Coat or 2nd stage which provides a high gloss, can be sanded and rubbed out like lacquer and are extremely durable, chip and UV resistant. Used in some factory paint finishes and most repaints today. Very dangerous without proper breathing apparatus!


    These are also 2 stage systems but have water-based, base color coats which have a very low toxicity level or “Low VOC’s”. The base color coats have no gloss no protective qualities. They must be topcoated with a Urethane Clear Coat or 2nd stage which provides a high gloss, can be sanded and rubbed out like lacquer and are extremely durable, chip and UV resistant. Used in most factory finishes and many repaints today, this appears to be the direction of future automotive painting. These systems require a drastically different application technique.


    This is a popular acronym for Volitile Organic Compounds which are the powerful solvents derived from petroleum sources. Found in most solvent based finishes, they are considered to be hazardous to health and the environment.

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  • The 2014 The Race of Gentlemen Report

    The Race of Gentlemen or "TROG" has by far become my favorite automotive event of the year and this year was no exception. TROG is a perfect example of a small low-key event that's kept true to their roots. Even with all of the exposure and hype surrounding this year, Mel and the Oilers CC/MC did a great job keeping the race feeling as low-key and laid back as the first. This year the guys really worked hard to turn this event into a full fledged weekend event, with things to do all weekend. I decided to stay the entire weekend and see and do as much as I could.

    Photo Oct 05, 11 20 50 AM

    As early as Wednesday or Thursday cars and people from out of town were rolling in with cars coming from as far as SoCal, and people from as far as Europe! The crew began assembling the "race arena" by putting up timing towers, signs, tents, and barriers to keep the crowd safe. From the buzz surrounding the event and the sponsor hotels selling out in hours after the dates being announced, the Oilers knew they were in for a good turnout.




    Previous years most people ended up hanging out Friday night at the Stardust and neighboring hotels where the majority of the race cars were parked, so this year Mel and co. decided to put on a proper Pre-Party with a Chopper show, a couple bands and a DJ spinning vinyl for good measure too! The city was nice enough to partition off the block surrounding these hotels and let cars and bikes park on the street and the party spilled into the streets where everyone could talk about the passion we all share.





    The chopper show followed the same ideals as the race in which all of the bikes featured were true vintage and "traditionally" styled choppers from their heyday. I throughly enjoyed the bikes in this show because every single one was different and pretty much hand built and! The way it should be, not brand new bikes with navigation, tv's, heat, and whatever other gadgets put on bikes to make them closer to a car than a bike these days!


    Ahem.. sorry struck a nerve there.. anyways! To sum it up, the bikes show had no shortage of flake, flames, lace, pearl, and custom metal work. The cars in the street were some of the cars to race later in the weekend, and even some killer spectator cars that were cruised down for the race. Even though the party only stretched a block down the strip, there was so much to see, and so many cool people to meet, we easily burned the good portion of our evening here and the party went into the wee hours of the morning!

    Photo Oct 04, 8 14 17 AM

    Photo Oct 04, 11 49 10 AM

    The next morning we woke up early to try and get down to the sand to get good a good spot next to the track. The weather looked dismal but that didn't stop hundreds of other people to line up to get into the gates early. The setup this year was changed a little bit for the safety of the crowd so the pits and staging area were sectioned off for just the racers and their crew. The only other changes were concrete barriers put in place down the track to keep everyone safe in case a car or bike went out of control, a necessary evil for sure, but didn't obstruct the spectators view of the track too much.

    Photo Oct 04, 8 31 39 AM

    Even with rain lightly coming and going, the races started and the cars and bikes alternated going down the track. These guys didn't let the dreary weather bother them one bit with their throttles wide open and exhausts roaring. The weather really made for some dramatic shots with the rough surf crashing down and the dark clouds in the background. This of course brought everyones techno-gadget out to shoot photos and video of every pass.

    Photo Oct 04, 9 41 51 AM

    Photo Oct 04, 9 12 12 AM

    After watching the races for a few hours the clouds began to break and the sun came out and we decided to book it across town to see our friends from the Kustomrama website that were putting on the 1st annual Customs by the Sea show for the traditional custom fans that wanted to show off their lead sled, tail dragger, lowrider, or otherwise traditionally styled custom car or truck. The styling of the vehicles varied widely with everything from mild historic 40-50's customs to over the top Kustoms like a recreation of the Barris "Copper Cart" and paneled, laced, and metal flaked 60's style cars that just screamed for your attention. It was really cool to see some of the historic cars that came out of the woodwork for the event that were actually built in the 50's, 60's, and early 70's and read about their history on their window plaques. I'd definitely say that seeing all of these great cars really gave me some inspiration to get Project Pilehouse roadworthy so maybe I could cruise it to the show next year! For the first year the show was pretty well attended both days and was a great addition to the TROG weekend.

    Photo Oct 04, 12 27 50 PM

    Photo Oct 04, 1 39 36 PM

    Photo Oct 04, 1 03 15 PM

    Photo Oct 04, 1 03 03 PM

    Photo Oct 04, 1 02 20 PM

    Saturday night after everyone grabbed some dinner the vendor area by the race track turned into a beach party with some killer rock bands playing all night and a huge bonfire burning hot. It brought everyone together to talk and mingle and shake it on the dance floor in the sand. The beach party is really surreal with the cars parked all around you on the beach, people dressed in period correct attire, and some good ol' fashioned rock and roll playing, you felt like you were in the scene of an old movie! I couldn't ask for a better way to round the night out after a day of watching cars race!


    Sunday morning we (like I'm sure many others) woke up a bit later then we'd like and got up a little slower than the morning before, but we were greeted by sunny skies and a near perfect cool fall-like day. We headed back to the beach and the crowd for Sunday was significantly larger than Saturday. Either the word spread that this event rules, or the nice weather brought out some more folks.. I'd say it was a combination of the two! Some new cars entered the races on Sunday with some vehicles taking "exhibition" runs like some Hemi powered Fords, but I doubt anyone was complaining about the lovely sound of some vintage Hemi engines singing at WOT!

    Photo Oct 05, 10 31 47 AM

    Photo Oct 05, 10 41 43 AM

    Photo Oct 05, 10 49 16 AM

    Photo Oct 05, 10 56 32 AM

    All in all this weekend was the best yet and shows no signs of getting smaller and we can't wait for next year. If anything go to this event to get yourself inspired to go work on your project car or bike and bring it out to cruise with everyone next year! Thanks to Mel and the rest of the Oilers for putting on another great year of TROG, the classic car and bike community thanks you!

    Photo Oct 05, 10 52 28 AM

    Photo Oct 05, 11 02 35 AM

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  • How to Build a Custom Pneumatic Workbench using Eastwood tools

    If you're a motorhead it's in your blood to always be building, tinkering, and improving upon mechanical things. Eastwood product manager Mark R. is no different, but he likes to take things to the extreme sometimes. Recently Mark built a new garage and was building the shop with new work benches that allowed him to maximize the usable space he had in shop....  Click Here To Read Full Post...