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  • Steve Drake

    I just got around to (needing) to using my Versa Cutter for the first time and it doesn't work. I connected and reconnected each (simple?) connector on the unit and came to surmise that the 4pin connector (of which only two pins are used), has the two pin receivers at the 6 & 9 "oclock" positions (12 & 3 are "open), while the male end of the power cord has the two pins (white & black) clocked at the 3 & 6 oclock positions respectively...

    Which wire should go in which position & how do you get the pins out of the connector without tearing something up?

    BTW, it looks as if this unit may have had a previous owner who had experienced the same problem because the two screws that provide the "pinch" at the connector are different with one being too big to properly screw in...

    What gives with that?

    If I have to send the unit back I will not accept an exchange! When I buy something "new," I shouldn't have to repair it before I ever use it!!!

  • johnK

    when is the versa bend going to be available, i think it will do what i want, what are you shooting for a price point?

  • Doug Pascoe

    I ordered two EVOLUTION HVLP PAINT GUNS. I received both guns only to find one of the had been dropped at Eastwood shipping department. Returned the bad gun was told I would recieve the money to ship the junk back. It has been over a month and so far NO MONEY. Have contacted this outfit several times still no money.

  • mike

    Steve im right there with you buddy, I got the cutter, and used it about 5 times and the thing is a it hasn't worked in like a yr...I keep emailing these fools and Im still waiting to get this resolved..
    And doug I bought the evol;ution and had problems from day 1 with it..when I went to straight air out of the gun I would get's just a big bulky everything else they sell...junk..

  • Ken

    Metal Protect question.

    If this is sprayed on front brake rotors to prevent them from rusting, can the car be driven without wiping away this spray from the rotor contact surface?

    • MattM

      Hi Ken,

      It can be sprayed on to the surface for a car sitting and it will keep the rotors from flash rusting, but once you drive the car the first few stops will wear the metal protect off of the rotor.

  • Ricardo

    solvent that is used in the youtube video for product Gator Guard II Truck Bed Liner Kit Item # 10129Z Brand: Gator Guard. thanks

  • Gary Dunaway

    Restoring a 75 Duster, my question is the fresh air intake cowl area do I remove the panel make repairs, reassreassemble than paint. How do I get the paint inside the cowl without over loading the top side? Thanks for the forum. Gary

  • Paul Prosser

    Is there someone in South Australia/ Australia that sells your buffing wheels/ compound for buffing aluminum truck tanks.


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