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Another Bug.......newest project!

Although my wife told me I wasn't allowed to bring another Bug home until I finished some of my projects, I bought one at last fall's Hershey show.  It was one of those deals I couldn't turn it is for our daughter (who just turned 1). 

Here she is.......a steel VW Bug body that I found, at the end of the day at Hershey, right before we were ready to leave.  It was only the body, so I am in the process of building a floor and getting the wheels/ride height set.....notice the rear wheels are cambered just like a real Bug that is lowered. 

First on the list is making sure it is safe for my daughter to ride around sharp edges, box in the wheels, etc....  Once I have that tackled, I'll be repainting it, adding carpet, and installing some lights.  Stay tuned as I make progress on the latest project.

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