• SEMA 2014 Day One Recap

    SEMA 2014 Day One

    Early yesterday morning the doors for the show officially opened and the crowds of show goers pushed their way into the doors to start walking the show. The size of SEMA has only grown and no one is exaggerating when they say that you'd be hard pressed to see EVERY car and booth in the show!


    For most show goers Hot Rod Alley and the Restoration Marketplace are the heart of the show and we're proud to say that our booth is smack dab in the middle of the madness. Some of the best cars can be found in this main hall along with some of the largest auto manufacturers like General Motors and Ford. Both of these big boys bring out a variety of vehicles from special editions and one-offs to fully modified versions of their latest models.

    This year Ford was showcasing their OE approved restoration parts and some brand new muscle adorned in the latest factory performance parts. We could't get enough of their new 2015 Ford "King Cobra" Mustang they debuted front and center in their booth!



    Another reason we're paying so much more attention to the best cars of the show is because we're picking finalists for the Eastwood Hands-On awards for the show this year. One of our awards we're giving out this year is an Eastwood Customer Choice. Yes YOU out there in interwebz land can vote from our top ten favorite cars at the show. Get your votes in for your favorite by voting here: . We'll be announcing the winner later this week, so watch this space!

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  • Gotta Love a 6 Pack in the Summer- Sandpaper ins and outs

    IF you’re just doing a small project, or you’ve run out of your full box or roll of sandpaper, or it’s just simply not in your budget to buy an entire sleeve or roll of sandpaper, these new 6 and 3 packs are the ticket!! You don’t have to buy the box of 100 and have it sit on the shelf until next season.  Click Here To Read Full Post...
  • How to Restore Car Headlights

    Out of all minor automotive restoration projects, restoring your headlights is among the most important. After years of use, headlights can get cloudy, rendering their effectiveness much weaker and therefore more dangerous. This is why it is important to restore them to their original clear state in order to ensure your safety as a driver. Below, we discuss the best ways to clean and restore your vehicle's headlights.

    Different Methods of Restoration

    Cloudy headlights can affect just about any time of car make and model, from foreign to domestic. With headlight restoration, you can get rid of this cloudiness by cleaning the headlight lenses with headlight cleaner kits or with individual basic items found at an auto parts supply store. This will save you the expense of full replacements, and it is a quick and simple process.

    There are a number of different ways you can restore your headlights. For one, purchasing a Headlight Deoxidizer and applying to your headlights can be a fast option, as can using simple toothpaste, but these options are for immediate results for minor fixes and do not equal the quality of a thorough restoration. The two main methods we are focusing on today are using a glass cleaning solution method and a more thorough masking tape and sandpaper method.

    Using a Glass Cleaning Solution

    Here is what you will need for the glass cleaning method of restoration: glass cleaning solution, lint-free polishing cloth, car polish, car wax and a rotary buffer. This method is very simple and only requires a few steps. First off, if there is moisture on the inside of the glass, you must carefully remove the headlight lens from the car and let it dry before cleaning. If the damage is on the outside of the headlight, take your glass cleaning solution and spray it on the outside lens. Use a polishing cloth to thoroughly wipe the solution around and off of the lens to completely clean it. Make sure to not apply this solution in direct sunlight to avoid further spottiness or cloudiness. Again, if the damage is on the inside, repeat this step for the inside of the lens as well.

    Now, take some car polish and apply it to the outside of the lens. Make sure the polish has a very fine abrasive in it to lightly grind away at any accumulated dust, dirt or grime. Finally, use your rotary buffer to work in the polish, and apply a final car wax to the headlight to make the cleaning/repair last longer. Now, you have successfully restored your car headlight.

    Using Masking Tape and Sandpaper

    Here is what you will need for the sandpaper method of restoration: masking tape, simple soap and water, 600-grit sandpaper, 1200-grit sandpaper, 2000-grit sandpaper, 2500-grit sandpaper, multiple lint-free polishing cloths, plastic lens cleaner, plastic polish and car wax. The first thing to do is use your masking tape to make a protective tape border around the headlight to protect your vehicle's finish. Then, take your 600-grit sandpaper, and dip it into a bucket of light, soapy water. Lightly rub the fine sandpaper on the front of the headlight lens to clean any adhesive debris or grime off of the surface. Spray some plastic lens cleaner onto the headlight, and use a polishing cloth to evenly wipe around the cleaning solution.

    The next thing to do is remove the headlight's oxidation. Take another polishing cloth, dip one finger of it into your plastic polish, and with the lens still wet from the cleaner, apply the polish evenly across the entire headlight. Now, take your sandpaper from before, dip it into more soapy water, and begin to sand evenly from side to side across the headlight to work in the polish. Continue this sanding process with the 1200, 2000 and 2500-grit sandpapers, consecutively, making sure to get rid of any minor scratches left from the previous coarser grits. Apply another layer of the plastic polish, let it sit for a minute, then buff it with another polishing cloth.

    After cleaning the headline with soap and water to remove any excess polish residue, it is time to wax. Take a polishing cloth, and apply a quarter-sized amount of car wax to it, letting it sink into the cloth for several seconds. Apply the wax to the outside of the lens using a single stroke method gradually from left to right, top to bottom. Once all of the wax is completely worked into the headlight and the lens is completely clear and shiny, consider it restored.

    To learn more about car headlights and for various DIY car tutorials, be sure to visit Eastwood.com.

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  • SEMA 2014 Preview

    SEMA 2014 Preview

    SEMA 2014 opens officially tomorrow to the public but we're lucky enough to be able to scope out the show during setup Sunday and Monday. For us this is the best time to be able to find the best vehicles of the show.


    Walking up to the convention center each year for the first time is like sensory overload. As soon as you even get close to the buildings you can see the reflection of the bright desert sun off of the glass smooth paint and the chrome rims of all of the cars lining the road in front of the show. The cars out here are exhibition vehicles and often times built or owned by a private individual. Don't be fooled into thinking these cars are of lesser quality than anything inside, there's some sick rides outside! Each year the outdoor exhibition area gets larger with the vehicles spreading to the far corners of the adjacent parking lots!


    Inside the show floor is buzzing with workers in each booth setting up to display their new products for the year. The booth displays at SEMA range from borderline swap meet style to space age with driving simulators, lasers/lights, and beautiful models.

    This year once again the Eastwood booth transforms into a mock workshop with a workbench with function tools as well as displays of our newest products. We also will be bringing the knowledge to show-goers with live metal shaping and paint demos all week by Gene Winfield, Ron Covell, and Kevin Tetz. These demos are our way of giving back to the community and are a rare chance to sit in on an instructional class free of charge by each of these masters in their craft! No time for watching a class? We're offering killer deals on the products on display in our booth with Ipad stations setup for easy order right from our booth (hey we gotta pay for those rough nights at the tables somehow!!).


    This year already looks like its going to be a busy one and we've got some amazing video interviews and features with some of the top cars and builders at SEMA! Make sure you follow along on all of our social media outlets and check back daily on the blog for the highlights from each day at the show!


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  • Customer Favorite Award #10- Chevy Impala Lowrider


    Whether you love or hate lowriders you can't deny the quality of the paint jobs that these guys are laying down on their cars. This Impala SS named "Lifestyle" is no exception with glass smooth custom paint that we could stare out for days! Aside from the insane paint, the car is cleaner than your kitchen table on the top and bottom!



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