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  • Dana Gabbard- 1946 Ford Convertible

    "My dad is 72 years old. He has a 1946 Ford Convertible that he has had since his twenties. It is in pieces. I have always dreamed of having a street rod and auto body shop. Dad has always supported me in everything, including getting my business off the groung. Five years ago I purchased a building and made a go of it. Dad is there to help every day not expecting anything in return. We have survived a tough economy where I work very long hours just to see that my employees and all of the bills get paid, and Dad is right there supporting me all the way. He has sacrificed being able to put his car on the road to see that I achieve my dream. It is hard to see him grow older each year and not have his car together. My dad lives his life for others. For as long as I can remember, he had dressed up as Santa and gone to hoses of Family, Friends, and complete strangers on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with candy canes he buys himself, just to bring joy to others. He is so selfless and deserves to have that car driveable while he can still enjoy it. $2,500 in Eastwood credit would go a long ways in getting some of the products and materials needed to get his project going. Please help me in saying thank you to my dad, Dana Gabbard, a great man who deserves it. Thanks Marc Gabbard Yakima, WA"

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