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  • Skip The Search And Get A Head Start On Your 1940 Ford Coupe Resto Project!

    Ready-to-assemble shell is made of high-strength steel, and is factory-rustproofed.

    The 1940 Ford Coupe has always been a popular car for restoration projects, ever since World War II veterans began turning them into hot rods by adding performance equipment to the car’s flathead V8 engine.

    But you no longer have to poke around in junkyards or barns looking for an original to work on. Now you can buy a brand new 1940 Coupe body directly from Ford!

    The 1940 Ford Coupe body is produced with today's high-strength steel, and is assembled using modern welding techniques. The new body comes rustproofed from the factory and is ready to be assembled as a custom hot rod or as a reproduction to the original.

    You can choose a stock firewall that accommodates the original flathead V8, but it can also be ordered with a recessed firewall to allow installation of much larger modern engines. Ford also supports it with a variety of model-correct mechanical and trim restoration parts; to see what's available for the 1940, click here.

  • Kansas City World Of Wheels- Live Winfield Chop Shop On A 1940 Ford Convertible

    This time around Gene's Live Chop stopped in Kansas City, MO World of Wheels. The host club for the show was the The Rodtiques of Kansas City and they found a 1940 Ford Convertible they wanted to chop. This is one of the more difficult chop jobs for the "average joe" but that didn't phase Gene.
  • Street Rodder Radio and Eastwood Announce 2013 Road Tour Car Build

    For the past two years we've been sponsoring the Street Rodder Road Tour and our Eastwood Summer Classic has been the kickoff event for the eastern leg of the tour. Recently we just inked the deal to once again become the official tools sponsor of the 2013 Street Road Tour build. This year the guys at Honesty Charley's Garage will be building the 2013 road tour car. The base car this year is a 1951 Ford that's in less than ideal shape.

    While at the 2012 SEMA show Brian Brennan of Street Rodder Magazine and Street Rodder Radio interviewed myself about last year's road tour car and we covered what's going into the 2013 car. We've already sent a large care package down south to Honesty Charley's Garage for the 51 Ford, and I'm sure more will be on its way soon. They'll be fabricating patch panels and performing some custom metal work on the car with our Pro Hammer and Dolly Kit, Economy Bead Roller, Versa Bend Metal Brake, Panel Beater Sandbag, and Plastic Metal Forming Mallets, and much more.

    Even though we're "officially" the tools sponsor of this car, the team asked our help in the fight against rust. Since they need to treat and seal many rusty areas on the car, they asked us to send them some of our innovative paints and chemicals. We were happy to oblige. They'll be sealing up and protecting hidden and boxed areas of the '51 Ford with our Internal Frame Coating, and treating just about the entire car and chassis with our famous line of Rust Encapsulator. You can be sure that the car will be free of ANY rust or corrosion; these guys mean business!

    Once the crew gets a little further along on the build they'll need to reassemble the car and turn it back into a roadworthy vehicle. For those mechanical projects they'll be using the full line of Eastwood Hand Tools. They'll be some of the first professionals to get their hands on our new ratchets, sockets, screwdrivers, ratcheting wrenches, aviation metal snips, and anything else a serious "wrencher" needs in their toolbox!

    Check out the full interview at SEMA at the link below. Some of the great personalities in the classic car and hot rod community today stopped by to visit Brian Brennan including Troy Ladd from Hollywood Hot Rods, Corky Coker of Coker Tires, and Brian Downard of Lokar Performance, so it's definitely worth the listen!

    Watch this space as the build really is just getting started for the 2013 Road Tour Car. We'll be sure to give you some insider information on this years car as things progress!


  • Eastwood 2012 Summer Classic and Street Rodder Amsoil Road Tour Coverage- Part 1

    With our first Summer Classic show being such a success last year, we were extremely excited for the 2012 show and we knew the bar had been set high. We listened to all of the suggestions, and tried to make this year go as smooth as possible. This year we planned, planned some more, then planned again, until the week before the show came and we all buckled down and started making the plans become reality. Despite some early morning rain scares, the weather turned out perfect, and we couldn't have asked for a nicer day!

    For the show this year we decided to keep our "non-competitive, laid back" vibe. Instead of trophies we picked out a small selection of our favorite cars or "Eastwood Picks" and parked them center stage with the Street Rodder Road Tour cars in front of the Eastwood retail outlet. It was tough to pick a small group of our favorites, but the spread was quite broad with the lineup including hot rods, customs, muscle cars, race cars, a super car, and even a neat little Triumph TR6 with a BMW M3 Engine in it!

    The official times for the Summer Classic were 10AM-3PM, but by 10AM we already had well over 100 cars as enthusiasts poured into the lot. We didn't want any of our fans, customers, or followers from out of town to miss the show, so we hosted a live stream as the cars packed into the front of Eastwood headquarters. As the show field continued to fill up we heard the familiar rumble of a Ford Racing Coyote V8 as Jerry Dixey in the Street Rodder '40 Ford rolled into the show with his fellow "roadtourians" following behind. We got a quick preview of the car the night before the show, but we still couldn't get over how nice the '40 Ford had turned out. The chop by Hollywood Hot Rods with Eastwood Tools was "just right", the paint and interior was perfect, and that engine bay was almost as stunning as the exterior!

    Throughout the day we had technical demos on welding, plasma cutting, powder coating, painting, and plastic repair with our new Eastwood Hot Stapler. As the show winded down we announced our giveaways with prizes from our suppliers and some of your favorite Eastwood products. We ended the day by giving away an Eastwood TIG 200 to one lucky winner.

    Thanks to everyone that brought their ride, attended, watched the live feed, followed on Facebook, and volunteered during the show, we can't wait for next year! We're still sorting through thousands of videos and countless hours of video footage, so stay tuned for more coverage of the show here on the blog, but for now here is some of our favorites thus far.

    [thethe-image-slider name="2012 Summer Classic Pt-1"]
  • 17 Years of Restoration Work up in Smoke- The Story of a '40 Ford Fire


    Fire destroys his restored ’40 Ford Convertible — Eastwood tools help him start over

    It sounds like a “good news, bad news” joke. The bad news: your garage just burned down. Worse news: the 1940 Ford convertible you’ve restored over 17 years was in it.

    And the good news? You’ve got the skills and tools to suck it up and start all over again.

    Here’s the remarkable story of Bob Magee, dedicated auto restorer and long-time Eastwood customer — and his rebuilt (and re-rebuilt) 1940 Ford.

    “I’ve been involved in auto restoration for almost 50 years. I owned my own collision shop for 18 years. I sold it and began teaching at Bergen County Technical High School in Teterboro, New Jersey. I teach automotive engineering design, custom painting, airbrush, 3-D computer design, mechanical drawing, and more. I encourage kids into the auto repair industry.

    All from scratch

    About 18 years ago, I purchased a 1940 Ford convertible that required a lot of work. I started by buying a Fatman Fab frame and customizing it. I then rebuilt a 1973, 350 engine.

    Over 17 years, piece by piece by piece, I did it all by hand. It had air ride suspension; electric windows; Corvette fuel injectors; a 700R4 transmission, with the rear cut down to make it all fit. The only things I couldn’t make from scratch were the axles.

    99.9% done when lightning struck

    Three years ago, everything was 99.9% done. It was sitting on my lift in my garage when lighting struck and burned everything up.

    The most frustrating part was the insurance company refused to pay for anything in my garage that was automotive. I learned I had to have separate coverage on anything not covered by my homeowner insurance. ‘The big print giveth and the fine print taketh away.’ That’s what I’ve found.

    Got coverage?

    My advice for other old car restorers is to make sure whatever you’re building is insured. Insurance companies don’t always tell you everything. I asked questions and now I have an extra $20,000 covering parts for my Ford. It costs me only $67 a year. You have to ask questions to get the correct coverage. They’re not going to tell you. And your homeowner insurance isn’t going to pay what’s not insured!

    The insurance company gave me salvage value and wanted to take the vehicle. I said ‘You ain’t taking this vehicle! Where are you going to find a ’40 Ford convertible?’ For the last three years I’ve been redoing my project car. I’m pulling the whole thing apart. I’m starting over, redoing it all after 17 years.

    He’s rebuilding everything from scratch

    The Ford was burned pretty badly. I took a big 16” 60-grit grinding disk and ground all the paint off and re-primed it. The tires were even burned. I decided to put blackwalls on it with baby moons. I’m in the process of tearing the frame all apart, especially everything that’s burned. I have everything you can think of in this frame and I’m doing it all over again. All the chrome is tarnished and has to be stripped and re-chromed. I’m currently working on getting everything re-chromed. It’s all a lot of work but I’m very dedicated and I want to get it done.

    Eastwood’s a great company to do business with

    I buy a lot of stuff from Eastwood. I bought their metal bending brake, buffing wheels, you name it. I love their products, they’re great.

    Eastwood’s Buff Motor has dual buffing pads and dual speeds. It works great. I made my own stand and now I’m buffing all the parts that got burned. I was trying to do it with a little hand drill and that didn’t work. Their buffing compounds work great, too.

    I can buy auto restoration supplies at a lot of places, but Eastwood has products you don’t find elsewhere. I’m on Eastwood’s email list and they email me specials – they always have something on sale and they’re always quality products. It’s a great company with quality tools, and they’re great to do business with too!"

    — Bob Magee, New Jersey

    Do YOU have an Eastwood auto restoration story to tell? Please email us — our blog visitors want to know!

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