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  • Tricks to getting dry Compressed Air

    The invention of compressed air running tools to make jobs easier is amazing and can make our lives much easier when working in our home shop. Unfortunately some tasks to require clean, dry air to allow the tool to work as it should. For instance your media blaster HATES moisture in the air and will clog the blaster nozzle up quickly if your air isn't very dry. While your paint gun doesn't care if it's spraying 100% water or paint; your paint DOES car and you will have issues with a paint job if your air isn't dry. Not to mention the lifespan of your air tools can be greatly reduced if you don't have dry air running through them! We put together a few products that can be life-savers if you can't afford an expensive filtration system at the compressor (the CORRECT, long term way to solve air moisture issues).
  • Disassembling A Chevy 350 Small Block V8 (SBC) With Eastwood Tools

    We're always elbow deep in projects here at Eastwood, and while tearing down an original 350 SBC (small block v8 Chevy engine) we decided to document the process. Since the engine had never been apart before, we decided it would be a great test for our Eastwood Air Tools and our new, growing line of Eastwood Hand Tools. Along the way we snapped a few shots of the process.

    The engine after a good wash with the electric power washer and some Eastwood Chassis Kleen

    We put the Eastwood Twin Hammer Composite Impact Gun to the test removing the original Chevrolet/GM head bolts.

    With the heads removed and the cylinders cleaned, we can check the short block for any damage to the cylinder walls, cam, etc. before deciding if we want to send this off to the machine shop for a full rebuild, or just a DIY ball hone and refresh.

    The disassembly took about 30 minutes with the help of these new Eastwood tools and sure put a beating on them! Now we have to decide how far we want to Hot Rod this ol' 350 engine!

  • Sneak Peak of New Products

    Here at Eastwood we are constantly working to get new tools, chemicals, and "stuff" to help you "Do the Job Right". The other day was like Christmas in September with some sample "final production" products arriving from our factories. I decided to snap two behind the scenes shots for you! Here we have a few handy tools (Impact Gun, Body Saw, Air Shears) from our complete air tool line launching shortly, and one of our new improved Tumblers! Keep an eye on our Hot New Items Page for the newest Eastwood products!

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