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  • John Findra: The "Anti"-Restorer!- Custom Built Model Cars

    Auto enthusiast John Findra doesn't work on real cars. He's a model builder, and much of his business comes from customers who'd like custom model replicas of their favorite old cars. But for fun, he builds classic car models and then "un-restores" them! "Underhauling", as opposed to overhauling.

    John says we live in a world where perfection is so tantamount to success that "perfection almost becomes boring. A car in its original state is a man-made idea of perfection, but when you take that car and put it out in nature, nature now takes over and creates its own perfection. Nature has its own way of reacting to metal and rubber."

    John's research takes him into overgrown fields and old barns, two of the best places to find old, abandoned, rusted-out cars. He brings his camera with him, so he can document the pattern of shattered glass, the shape of the rust holes, the way paint peels, how rust drip lines form. Then John goes back to his workshop and creates model cars that reflect the reality of "nature's perfection" (see an example in photo above).

    Watch the video, courtesy of Etsy, by clicking here. You'll also find several of his "un-restored" classic models available for sale on that page.

  • Where did the art go?

    There was a time when car and coach building was more of an artform. Auto manufacturers weren't worried as much about shaping a car to get the best gas mileage, or to fit the most amount of gimmicky junk in it as they could. These were the days when cars had a lot of chrome, brass, gold, and flowing bodywork. You can study a car from the 30's through the 50's for hours if you take the time to think about how much work went into building these cars in an era before computerized, robotic thinga-majiggies built 90% of a vehicle.

    One of my favorite things to observe at shows are the hood emblems from those cars. Each one in itself, is artwork. Many stood as a symbol for the "theme" of the model, or even the car manufacturer. Some of these emblems are still used today in a less elegant form (the Dodge Ram for instance).

    Here are a few of my favorites from a recent show I went to. Even after hitting so many car events over the years, I still find new hood emblems I've never seen before! What are some of your favorites?

  • My mailbox looks faster than yours!

    Here is a recent submission we got from one of our customers Ron F. Ron builds highly custom mailboxes with the help of Eastwood products. I don't think I've ever thought to build something this crazy as a mailbox.. but now Ron has me thinking! I'll let Ron tell his story.

    "I hand build custom mailboxes [see attached pictures]. All of my boxes are built form flat 16 gauge sheet metal. I bend, roll, and weld till I have a finished box. I use Eastwood hammers and dollys. I do all of my own powder coating with supplies I get from you. I also have the pro gun that you no longer sell.
    The truck was a custom order and I used a silver base coat and finished with the translucent green. The tires are high gloss black and the bumper and stacks are reflective 1 step chrome. The sprint car is high gloss red and I mixed some red metallic in to get the shine you see.
    I tried other powder suppliers because occasionally you didn't have colors I needed. I had alot of trouble buying small amounts, and they just didn't perform like I wanted. I needed Caterpillar yellow for the bulldozers i make and had to buy 50 lbs. The color was perfect, but I could almost see through the color down to the metal.
    The customers that buy my boxes always comment on the shine and smooth finish I get. The trucks and cars would not be near as cool if the paint job was shabby. Not to mention I can powder coat in cold weather, not like painting and I need a heated shop.
    I just wanted to show that you don't have to be a car guy to use your products. I also take your catalogs to work and leave them in the lunch room for other guys to look at.

    Thanks Ron F.

    This is a great story, and the mailboxes he builds custom are amazing pieces of art! Please check out the samples below of 2 he recently finished.

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