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  • The Original Dukes of Hazzard Charger Auctioned at the 2012 Barrett Jackson Scottsdale

    With all of the hype surrounding this years auction, you may miss a great silver lining. This year Barrett Jackson is auctioning off a number of vehicles for multiple charities. The cars are being donated by car collectors, companies, and even race teams. This makes for an exciting mix of charity cars that one could own this year.

    Dukes Of Hazzard Charger

    One that really piqued our interest is the famed "Original Good Ol' Boy" was being auctioned this year. This car is THE car you saw jumping in the opening credits of the Dukes of Hazzard show. Most any car nut has the vision of that Charger flying across the screen burned into their memory. This car spent most of its life in a junkyard forgotten until a collector had it restored to the original "as jumped" condition. This means, cracked windshield, cement in the trunk, hand painted logos, etc. You could own this piece of history and perfect your best Bo and Luke impression. We can't wait to see what this car will fetch, not only because of it's historical significance; but since it's for a great cause!

    If money was no option, what would you pay for this famous piece of automotive history? We are on the edges of our seats wondering here at Eastwood!

  • Carlisle Spring Swap Meet

    This past weekend was the much anticipated Carlisle spring swap meet and car corral. This was a perfect excuse for some of us here at Eastwood to get out of the office and do a little shopping... err I mean "Market Research" (shhhhh don't tell the boss!). I wasn't lucky enough to find anything I "had to have", but I did have a great time wandering around snapping photos and chatting with some fellow motorheads! For anyone that hasn't been here, this event is HUGE! You can spend days just walking each swap meet aisle, and another day or two walking through the car corral looking at all of the cars for sale. From fully restored frame-off resto's to rusty project cars waiting for some love; this is the place to find your next ride. As I walked around, I saw tons of cars with Eastwood products, from engine paints to powder coated bits, it was great to see our stuff on such beautiful cars! Enjoy some of my pictures and hope everyone that went found something for them!

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