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  • How to Quickly Restore the Shine on Your Brass Headlights

    I recently purchased a pile of antique lights and after going through the pile I found a few I liked for my own projects I decided to play with restoring a couple to resell and pass on to other collectors. I had a couple key things I wanted to accomplish with this project. I wanted to bring the "bling" back to the lights, without taking away from their "age". Most of these antique lights had brass headlight buckets and trim rings with either cast iron, steel or brass bases.
  • Where did the art go?

    There was a time when car and coach building was more of an artform. Auto manufacturers weren't worried as much about shaping a car to get the best gas mileage, or to fit the most amount of gimmicky junk in it as they could. These were the days when cars had a lot of chrome, brass, gold, and flowing bodywork. You can study a car from the 30's through the 50's for hours if you take the time to think about how much work went into building these cars in an era before computerized, robotic thinga-majiggies built 90% of a vehicle.

    One of my favorite things to observe at shows are the hood emblems from those cars. Each one in itself, is artwork. Many stood as a symbol for the "theme" of the model, or even the car manufacturer. Some of these emblems are still used today in a less elegant form (the Dodge Ram for instance).

    Here are a few of my favorites from a recent show I went to. Even after hitting so many car events over the years, I still find new hood emblems I've never seen before! What are some of your favorites?

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