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  • Project Debris Capri Interior Update- Making Old Interior Parts Look New!

    It's been a while since we've updated everyone on J.R.'s Project "Debris" Capri project, but he's been busy! Most recently he updated the look of the worn out original interior. This isn't a vehicle you can grab a catalog and order repopped interior parts for, so he had to get creative.

    After looking around at many modern day sports cars, he decided he wanted to try and replicate the black and tan two-tone color scheme newer Porsches were using. This was not going to be an easy task!



    He decided to use a mix of autobody and interior products from Eastwood along the way. First he tackled the dash bezel by removing the original woodgrain decal and respraying the bezel with Eastwood Wrinkle Black Paint. For the final detail he used an Eastwood prototype Silver Metallic Interior Paint on the gauge surrounds. The transformation of just this part alone was great!

    Next J.R. moved on to restoring the original weathered door cards. These days they had a permanent green tint on the vinyl that was a bit scary. After cleaning the panels with PRE Painting Prep, he applied a light coat of SEM Adhesion Promoter, followed by a few light coats of SEM Camel Interior Paint and SEM Landau Black Interior Paint. With the door panels looking fresh again, you could see the color scheme for the interior was coming together nicely.

    The last important part of this interior restoration project was the weathered dashboard. Like many cars this age, the dashboard was cracked quite badly. First he applied expanding foam to fill and replace the foam that had deteriorated. Once he had the cracks filled and the surface level, he used the new Eastwood Contour Body Filler to smooth out the top of the dash and blend in the repair areas. He finished up the job by respraying the dash with the same colors he used on the other interior parts.

    Now that the parts have all come together. You can really see how he transformed and updated the look of the interior in the Capri from a tacky 70's era color scheme, to a timeless two-tone look. J.R. has a few more bits to finish up, then drop a carpet in it, and he should be ready to cruise in style this summer. Stay tuned for more updates!




  • The Debris-Capri Project, Knee Deep in Rust!

    Product Managers J.R. and Mark R. have been busy on their lunch breaks here at Eastwood! They are now deep into rust repair on J.R.'s Capri project. Because of how rare these cars are, they have been forced to use a mix of Mustang and custom made replacement panels for the project. Check out the latest progress in the slide show for all of the good, bad and rusty!

  • J.R.'s Dream Car Gets some Love

    Some of you may have caught the short promo video we did for our Vegas Dream Ride Tour. It showcased J.R.'s recently acquired Mercury Capri project car. Well, this week he finally started digging into the car in the first of many restoration projects on the car. Check out the video below, as well as the rust he is dealing with initially repairing! More pics to come as we dig in!

  • Getting a little too loose

    While doing my daily search of hot automotive topics, viral videos, and general forum gossip, I came across this video.

    Now I am all for doing burnouts, getting sideways, and having a little "fun" in your ride. But sometimes you need to make it a practice of taking that split second before you do something silly like that, to check out your surroundings and rethink the consequences. This fellow obviously did not have the control or experience to be doing something like that with a crowd of people around. Everyone was luckily ok, but that could have turned out way worse.

    Speaking of burnouts, I shot a fun video/commercial yesterday involving the little gem pictured below doing some smoky burnouts and promoting our current contest Eastwood's Vegas Dream Ride Tour. Watch this space, and our Youtube channel for the final edit!

    -Matt (the Capri runs much better than it looks!)

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