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  • SEMA 2013 Day 2 Coverage

    All of the vehicles have been detailed, booths are built, and the beautiful booth models are in place, this could only mean one thing… Tuesday was upon us and the 2013 SEMA Show opened their doors to tens of thousands of industry professionals. We did our best to stay focused (those show cars draw me like a moth to the light!) Monday as we got our booth set up and ready for everyone. This year it seems like there's a great vibe in the air with more new products on the show floor than ever.  Click Here To Read Full Post...
  • The Race of Gentlemen 2013 Coverage

    Lemmy from Motörhead once said “If you think you are too old to rock 'n roll, then you are.” and the same goes for driving your classic cars and bikes. Too many people are afraid to drive their classics because they're "too old". The guys at the Oilers Car Club wanted to put on an event where Pre-War autos and motorcycles could be driven like they were back in their heyday. This is how the The Race of Gentlemen was born in 2012.   Click Here To Read Full Post...
  • Preparing Your Car For "The Show"

    You'll be taking your ride to a weekend car show, so of course you want it to look its absolute best on display in front of friends and colleagues. Every "oooh" and "ahhh" you'll hear does wonders for your self-esteem, and if there's a judging portion of the show, you certainly want that top trophy.

    Of course you always wash the car’s exterior and vacuum the interior, but is that enough? If you've got a lot of time on your hands, and you've got the expertise, you can detail the car to a perfect show-ready appearance by yourself. But if you don't have that time and skill set, it's worth the money to take your classic to a professional detailing pro. They know what it takes to meet the strict standards of the expert judges who will critique your vehicle at the show.

    Judges look everywhere, and that includes places you can easily miss...a hard-to-reach corner, or even under the carpet! Remember, these judges have usually seen it all, in all types of cars. I don’t want to say they’re looking to trip you up, but you better be ready to impress them.

    Now if you really want to earn that first prize, you have to make your car stand out above the rest. Bring pictures of the resto work you’ve done so people can see how much work you've put into it. Bring along past trophies that you've won to display. Add something to garner some extra attention. Let's say you're showing your ’57 Chevy Bel Air. Why don't you and your wife dress in Fifties "period" clothing?

    Don't forget to bring some soft cleaning cloths to wipe your vehicle at the show itself, to remove dust and dirt that collects on the way there and while on display.

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  • You Don't See Too Many Old AMC Cars Out On The Road

    First Coast AMC member Earl Sheppard acquired this 1967 AMC Ambassador 2-door hardtop in 2003. It's fully equipped with factory-original equipment, including power steering, automatic windows, automatic shiftable transmission, power disk brakes and electric windshield wipers.

    Like most members of classic car clubs, those in Jacksonville, Florida's First Coast AMC Club are truly passionate about their classic cars, even though you don’t see that many restored AMC cars out and about.

    But among car collectors, none are more dedicated to the pursuit than American Motors Corporation vehicle owners, a dedication that stems from a combination of patriotism, nostalgia and the thrill of the hunt, since AMC vehicles are quite rare.

    American Motors Corporation was formed in 1954 when Nash-Kelvinator and Hudson Car Company merged in what was then the largest corporate merger in U.S. history. For the next three decades, AMC produced cars for the American market that were reliable and affordable and, in many cases, powerful muscle cars that appealed to teenagers.

    “Most people who collect classic cars do so because it provides them with a connection to their childhood,” said Cliff Danley of the First Coast AMC Club. “When I was 18, I bought a 1971 Javelin. It was a sports car and the price was low, which is important to an 18-year-old in the market for a car. It was a good-looking car but also different from other muscle cars of the day.”

    He added, “AMC vehicles are extremely rare, which is very appealing to me. Rare, however, does not necessarily translate into monetary value. But it is a novelty and I appreciate that aspect of AMC ownership."

    The 1981 AMC Spirit GT that Danley owns was originally equipped with a fuel-efficient four-cylinder engine, since improving gas mileage was very important in 1981. Danley added, “It now has a 401-cubic-inch V-8 built for drag racing. It wasn't produced in large numbers, so the car is very rare. Younger people today have no idea what it is, and aren’t even familiar with American Motors. But it’s 100 percent American-made in Kenosha, Wisconsin.”

    Steve Berg, president of the club, owns a few AMC vehicles, including an AMC Spirit, a 1978 AMX and a 1967 Rambler Rebel. “The first vehicle I owned as a kid that was actually operational was an AMC Rambler,” Berg said. “You just don’t see many AMC models these days, even at car shows. You'll see plenty of Chevrolet, Ford and Chrysler classics. Those are great cars but they are common. If you see an AMC at a car show, that’s unusual.”

    To read more about these not-too-common rides, click on over to Jacksonville.com.

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  • Wouldn't you love to go to the SEMA Show in Vegas? Here’s how you can...

    Las Vegas sign

    Just because the 2012 SEMA Show isn’t open to the public doesn't mean you can't attend!

    That's because you can enter to win 2 tickets to the SEMA show, PLUS airfare, 4 nights accommodation and $500 spending money, when you visit Chief Automotive Technologies' Facebook page! You'll learn all the details there, including how to earn bonus entries.

    Why would you want to go to the SEMA show, held in Las Vegas between October 30 and November 2, 2012?

    Hey, it's Vegas, baby! Isn't that reason enough? Yeah, but the SEMA Show is also the world's premier automotive specialty products trade event. The show draws the automotive industry’s brightest minds and hottest products to one place. You'll especially love the "New Products Showcase", where you'll find all the latest innovations—especially Eastwood's new creations!

    Good luck! If you win, be sure to look for one of us wearing an Eastwood badge as you work your way around the show!

    Contest ends 11:59 pm (Eastern), Sept. 23, 2012.

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