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  • Metal Buffing & Polishing: Basics & How To

    Buffing is simply the process of smoothing high and low spots on a surface until it is perfectly smooth. Typically it is done with fabric wheels and abrasive compounds of various types. You progressively move from a very aggressive, to a less aggressive grit compound, and matching wheel, until you polish your piece to a near mirror finish.  Click Here To Read Full Post...
  • How to Prepare Parts for Electroplating

    For any automotive restoration or decorative project, the most important step in the process is preparation. Electroplating is a process that is no exception to this rule. It is very important to make sure you prepare the objects correctly and thoroughly before you begin electroplating them. In fact, the actual electroplating procedure is really the last step in the entire process. Below, we have put together a tutorial on how to properly prepare your metal parts for electroplating.  Click Here To Read Full Post...
  • Blue Steel 32 Ford Roadster- AMBR Contender 2014

    Every year at SEMA there's always one car that is so over the top and amazingly clean that it blows us away. This year it was a custom 1932 Ford Roadster named "Blue Steel". Sure 32 Fords have been done a million times, but few take it so far that it's close to.. dare we say it... OCD clean? This 32 Ford definitely gives off the high-dollar, high-profile shop build. I was surprised when I got to talking to the guys responsible for the build that they weren't from a big name SOCAL shop, but rather a bunch of friends that built the car in a tractor repair shop over the past year.  Click Here To Read Full Post...
  • Project Pile House Late Summer Update

    Last time I checked in on Project Pile House I had just gotten done welding floor pans in and rebuilding the rotten door jambs. Since then I've been really busy and I have been slacking on my updates here. I have been posting regular updates on Instagram if you want to follow along feel free to check the #pilehouse tag or view the pics on your desktop HERE.  Click Here To Read Full Post...
  • Bay One Customs Cameo SEMA Truck Build : Reassembly and Shiny Things!

    TC and his team at Bay One Customs have been very busy since we last checked in with them. With only 8 weeks to go until the big debut at SEMA 2013, they really need to hustle to finish the truck. They don't plan to fake it like a lot of the cars at the show, this sucker needs to run, drive, AND look good!

    After laying down the special Eastwood Candy Red paint (coming to eastwood.com soon!) on the body panels, TC was nice enough to give us a quick tutorial on how he achieves that DEEP, WET finish on his candy paint jobs. We still can't believe how killer that color looks!

    With the panels all shiny and ready to go together, the team "married" the cab and the chassis and started hooking up the essentials to make this pile of shiny metal a running, driving truck. This includes, exhaust, wiring and electrical, HVAC system, and much more! Oh... and a LOT of shiny chrome bits (what do you expect it IS a SEMA show vehicle!). TC gives us a quick rundown below.

    Bay One has been using a LOT of Eastwood products along the way. TC is a big fan of our stuff, so much so, he likes to share tips and tricks he uses to achieve such amazing results. In the video below TC shows a trick for getting a smooth, satin, UV resistant finish on the wood for the bed of the truck. He also covers applying the candy red to the cab and bed and shows you them mated to the chassis. The vision is really starting to become a reality and everyone involved is extremely excited!

    In the most recent update from TC we're finally able to see the body fully assembled and nearly complete. The back end of this truck is also revealed. TC has an immense amount of time into the bed and tailgate alone to make it true to the original concept design. He pulled parts and cues from a number of Chevy products from this era and we think it probably came out better than if Chevy had done it themselves! Lastly he gives us a sneak peak at his custom license plate bracket modifications. This makes your "hideaway" plate look like child's play!

    Stay tuned, we'll keep feeding you updates as TC works on the truck. We hope to have a full video feature on the truck at SEMA 2013!

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