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  • Eastwood’s ‘Shop Talk’, Episode 33.5: Courtney Hansen of Powerblock TV

    We're all big fans of the talented Courtney Hansen - who wouldn't be?

    On television, Courtney shows off million-dollar rides, rare classics, tricked-out vehicles, and interviews celebrity collectors and enthusiasts like Jay Leno & UFC President Dana White as well as automotive legends like Mario Andretti and Daryl Waltrip.

    For 8 years, Courtney and Kevin  worked together on Powerblock TV (now Powernation TV), and are now sharing the microphone on this installment of Eastwood's Shop Talk.

    So sit tight & listen to Kevin as he previews what's to come next week, when he interviews Courtney Hansen.


    Have ideas for the show, or questions you want answered on the air by Kevin? Feel free to shoot Kevin an email at ShopTalk@eastwood.com, we’d love to hear from you! Listeners whose letters are read on the show will receive a $25 Gift Card from Eastwood! What are you waiting for!

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  • Eastwood’s ‘Shop Talk’, Episode 33: Tim Strange – TV Personality & Owner of Strange Motion

    It takes more than just bolt-on parts to make a statement in the hot rod world. Tim’s vision, creativity, and experience are the passion behind all of Strange Motion’s high-end hot rods and customs.  Click Here To Read Full Post...
  • Eastwood’s ‘Shop Talk’, Episode 32.5: Tim Strange of Strange Motion

    Sit tight & listen to Kevin as he previews things to come on next week’s episode of Shop Talk, where he talks with Tim Strange, owner of Strange Motion  Click Here To Read Full Post...
  • Eastwood’s ‘Shop Talk’, Episode 32: Hot Rod Chassis & Cycle – Builders of The Kosmic Outcast

    Kevin talks to Kevin Tully and Chad Hill, the owners over at Hot Rod Chassis & Cycle in Addison, Illinois. Using a practical application of aircraft technology and hotrod knowledge, these guys have been producing show-stopping cars since 2006, including their ‘Kosmic Outcast’.  Click Here To Read Full Post...
  • Eastwood’s ‘Shop Talk’, Episode 31.5: Hot Rod Chassis & Cycle

    It’s easy to become overwhelmed with stimuli when walking about SEMA, eventually it all becomes one large sea of custom car goodness. It takes a special sight to snap you back to reality. This past year, Hot Rod Chassis & Cycle’s ‘Kosmic Outkast’ did just that.   Click Here To Read Full Post...