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  • Did you celebrate "Friday the 13th"?


    If you're not too superstitious, and you're an Eastwood customer, you probably celebrated Friday, July 13, 2012, as "Collector Car Appreciation Day". That day was designated by the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Action Network, and was celebrated throughout the month of July with events in 38 states, two Canadian provinces, and even in Australia.

    While Eastwood customers certainly need no one to remind them about the pleasures of car restoration, others do! So, July 13 marked the third commemoration of what has become an annual event to celebrate and raise awareness of the vital role automotive restoration and collection plays in American society...and we're proud to be part of that!

    Now, if you didn’t get a chance to attend one of these events, the next best thing is to check out some of the 600+ pictures of all those custom rides that were on display throughout North America. Click on the link below:
    Photos from the 2012 Collector Car Appreciation Day

  • SEMA or SAN and Classic Car Enthusiasts Fight Raised Ethanol Levels in Fuel

    Ethanol is a "hot term" right now in the automotive industry. New car manufacturers are developing modern vehicles to run on fuel that has progressively higher ethanol rates all the time. Helping to fight pollution and emissions emitted from a vehicle is great. But, it can be extremely harmful to older vehicles that came from a time before the addition of ethanol into fuel was even thought of. Recently SAN (SEMA Action Network) released a report on the SEMA Push to Ban E15 Fuel until official studies are completed showing how dangerous E15 (gas with 15% ethanol) are for older cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATV, and even lawn mowers.

    SEMA is urging classic car owners concerned about the effects of ethanol on their vehicles to contact their members of congress and voice their opinions on this potentially dangerous new fuel. Check out the video above where Mark R. from Eastwood discusses the dangers of high amounts of ethanol in fuel to collector and antique vehicles. Eastwood offers our Fuel Guard additive that you can add on each fill-up or before storage to help fight the corrosive properties of Ethanol in modern day fuel.

  • Car people are good people... but you already knew that- Saving John's 1947 Mercury


    Here at Eastwood, we hear stories like this every once in a while. But a new heartwarming story recently came to light out of Happy Valley, Oregon that we thought we'd share with you. It's just a great human interest story that happens to revolve around classic car restoration.

    The story is about 75-year-old John Bowdon, who bought a rusty 1947 Mercury a long, long time ago. He tinkered with the car for 33 years, but the Merc never became the dream ride Bowdon had in mind. "Life got in the way, and he never finished it," said Rick Rogers, who was a 15-year-old with a passion for cars when he met Bowdon in the mid-'70s.

    Now there is another obstacle. Bowdon has cancer, and his days are numbered.

    When they heard the news, Rogers and other members of the Rose City Street Rod Association — a car club Bowdon co-founded in the early 1970s — shifted into gear.

    They would get the job done.

    For the rest of the story, please click here. It'll just confirm what we at Eastwood have always known: there's something special and deep about the camaraderie and friendship that "car people" nurture among themselves.

  • Philadelphia Rats, Rods, Rust +Race Coverage

    More and more these days you are starting to see more "lifestyle" grassroots types of shows and events popping up. It seems you could fill every weekend during the summer hitting all of the gatherings for cars, trucks, bikes, etc. With this, comes a lot of events that fail because they are done for the wrong reasons, have poor planning, or just have a bad vibe overall. These things can easily ruin it for everyone. When we put on our Eastwood Summer Classic event we had to avoid those very same pitfalls, it really is a chore to put on a automotive gathering!

    One show this season that was put on in a near "perfect" manner was the "Rats, Rods, Rust +Race Event. It is put on by the folks over at Philadelphia-based Hotrod Hoedown. This event was the first of a few this season held at a hidden gem called the Simeone Museum. And as the title suggest, anything from vintage gassers to rusty rats were welcomed to show, and like-minded individuals were urged to attend.

    I showed up early, and was pleased to see cars lined up early. Many of the swap meet vendors were in place as well, and they had a wide variety of nostalgic "stuff" to browse through. Regardless of some heavy traffic on highways bringing you into the show; vehicles were rolling in steadily. It was nice to see such a wide variety of vehicles cruising in, a nice break from traditional Hot Rod or Street Rod shows where the cars tend to blend together.

    After viewing a pretty diverse show field, I took my free tour of the museum and gawked at the extremely rare collection held in the Simeone Museum. I really do suggest if you are in the area to come check it out. There is hundreds of years of racing and automotive heritage in that building, some so rare you may never see them again! I'll be doing another entry soon with my photos from inside the museum, so stay tuned.

    After picking through the swap meet, and grabbing a new shift knob for I was thoroughly pleased with the event, and very happy I made the 1 hour drive to check it out. I want to thank everyone that put on the show for such a nice laid back event at a perfect location. I'll definitely be back for more of your shows, and hope I can bring my pile of rust next year!

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