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  • 1960 Dream Car... A Survivor For Over 50 Years- Plymouth XNR Concept

    Mystery...intrigue...revolution— and I'm not even talking about the car's design!

    It all started when the concept car you see above was conceived by Chrysler to compete with the highly popular Chevrolet Corvette. This 1960 Plymouth XNR featured a high-performance, 250-HP engine that could deliver a top speed of 150 mph, so it might have been worthy competition.

    But Chrysler soon realized that a one-seat roadster, one with a very unusual asymmetrical fin behind the driver, had little, if any, chance in the automotive market.

    Rather than send it to a junkyard, this piece of automobile history was shipped off to the renown Carrozzeria Ghia design studio and coach builder in Italy. It eventually ended up in one of the garages of Mohammad Reza Pahlevi, a passionate car collector who also happened to be the Shah of Iran. He later sold it to a Kuwaiti businessman, and then this 1960 Plymouth XNR disappeared for more than a decade...until the car was discovered hiding smack dab in the middle of a Middle Eastern civil war.

    For the rest of the story, click here.

    For more pictures of this unique automobile, click here.

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  • Win a ’68 Corvette on August 31!

    Win a Corvette

    I have a feeling you might be interested in this.

    BuildAndSearch.com is giving away a 1968 427 Corvette Coupe to one lucky winner who registers at their new web site! But the drawing is August 31, 2012, so please don't delay.

    And even if you don't win, there's still good reason to visit the web site. BuildAndSearch.com lets you search multiple collector car websites with just one click. You'll easily find the car you want quickly just by entering the year, make and model, and you'll get a huge number of relevant results (unlike with general-use search egines).

    BuildAndSearch.com uses a continuous dynamic search engine that monitors all known classified ad sites and, in the future, will use proprietary technology to search the entire Internet for cars and car parts for sale. Right now, the site is still in "alpha" testing stage, but it sounds like you'll want to bookmark it as one of your "favorites" for the future.

    Meanwhile, don't forget to register for your chance to win that cool Corvette Coupe pictured above! Drawing is August 31, 2012.

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  • America's Sports Car Invades Carlisle, PA- Corvettes at Carlisle 2012

    Less than 2 hours drive time from Eastwood's corporate headquarters is the largest and most amazing Corvette get-together in the world: the annual "Corvettes at Carlisle" Event.

    If you love Corvettes, it's as if you've died and gone to heaven! Where else would you find more than 5,000 Corvettes representing almost 60 years as America’s classic sports car?

    Corvette enthusiasm burns throughout the weekend, with participants enjoying autocross, dyno testing, burnouts, and the parade through historic downtown Carlisle. Take advantage of a great shopping experience, including a huge swap meet with a large contingent of vendors, an all-Corvette car corral, the Manufacturer's Midway and Installation Alley.

    And finally, don't go away empty-handed—be sure to register to win a fully loaded, 1998 Corvette Coupe, with a Sebring Silver Metallic exterior. You can also enter to win an Apple iPad2 or a Child's Corvette Bed from Step2®.

    For more information on the entire weekend, download the 76-page, 2012 "Corvettes at Carlisle" Directory here.

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  • Beautiful 1971 Corvette Could be Yours!

    Our friends over at Hemmings recently spotlighted this beautiful frame-off restored 1971 Corvette. This car made a few hearts skip-a-beat here at Eastwood, and we figured we'd share! If you want to own this fine specimen feel free to check out the full details on the Hemmings Blog

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  • The Bug guy breathes new life into an old Corvette

    Nick recently passed along an old CD of photos from a 1969 Corvette that has been in his family since 1971. His dad originally bought the car from the first owner to be his daily driver. It is a 350/350hp, with a 4-speed with a 4.11 rear. It has the removable hardtop and also the soft-top as well. Most current Corvette owners wouldn't dare drive their prized Vette in the winter, but Nicks father did just that! Check out the old snow tires in some of the pictures! Imagine if you saw a newer Corvette driving in a snow storm next to you on the highway, that'd be a sight!

    The car was driven daily until 1977 (was even taken on his parents' honeymoon!), when it was parked due to the need for a more economical car to carry the growing family in. At 8 years old, the car had covered 144,000 miles. As the family grew more, the old Corvette was pushed outside and sat for almost 15 years untouched. As anyone knows, letting a car sit outside in the elements for a long period of time can be bad news!

    Years later, after building a proper garage at their house, Nick and his father decided to bring the Corvette back to life. Originally they had planned to give it a fresh coat of paint, make it safe, and get it on the road again. But upon further inspection, the car needed a "body-off" restoration, and they started digging in to the car. They ended up having to pull the body, replace a rear body mount, and also the top portion of the windshield frame as well as the corners.

    The duo then got her road-worthy again, and have been building the car as a "rolling restoration" for the past 6 years. This summer they plan to finish restoring the interior and the soft top. Here are some pictures of the chassis and drivetrain being restored. I bet you can spot a number of Eastwood products in use there!

    Here it is all painted and ready to rock and roll again after a long slumber!

    We'll be sure to update as they make some more progress on this old girl this summer. Thanks for reading!

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