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  • 2013 Eastwood New Years Resolution- Reintroducing our Project Ford Mustang

    1989 Ford Mustang Repair Project

    A while back, we talked about a "Fox Body" Ford Mustang that we picked up off of the local Craigslist with plans of using it to test products and eventually "restore" it.  Since then, we've used it for testing of new products and for a tech video where we restored the original wheels. Otherwise it has sat out in the weather and gotten progressively worse. Now with a dead battery, we need to use the Eastwood Battery Jump Pack to start it.

    1989 Ford Mustang Restoration

    So at the end of 2012, we decided we needed to get in gear and give this car a new lease on life!  Although we have a warehouse full of Eastwood tools, paints, and supplies available to us, we wanted to make this a project that is just like the project you have sitting in your garage.  We've set a budget of $7,000 and a goal of making this Pony cruise-nite ready by mid-summer.   That means, there may be things we'd like to do, but they may have to wait until next winter, if they do not fit into the budget.  Oh yeah, did we mention we will be working on this around our daily jobs at Eastwood, our own projects, etc.....there will be time constraints just like you have when trying to get your project done!

    We're going to need a lot of Eastwood products to bring this tired ol' gal back to life, so we started a list of products we'll be using along the way. Check back often as we list more items we used on the build!

    Check out our evaluation of the car in the video below and watch this space as we start tearing into the car. It's definitely going to get much worse before it gets better!

  • Emmanuel Koutouzos- 1969 Chevelle SS

    "This Year was very difficult for me and my family. We came home late sunday night the first weekend of January to find our house on fire. After the realization that there isn't anything you can do to stop the situation, we had to sit and watch our home burn to ground with my first vehicle ever sitting in the carpool. My dad helped me purchase the car when I was only 14 and I started working side jobs to pay him back. It helped me learn a life lesson early on, that you have to work hard to get what you really want. Something I carried with me my whole life. The car was a true SS 1969 Chevelle, the original 396 was in storage and a 496 stroker big block was sitting in it place. The chevelle was 85-90% complete and waiting for funds to finish the interior and trim.After some very hard times and alot of heartbreak we have started rebuilding our home and now we'll be able to have a garage to have a proper place to restore our beloved chevelle. Plans include media blasting every piece and restore the chevelle better than before. Eastwood's product would be an amazing help with this huge task of restoring our beloved chevelle once again. Thank you for this opportunity, Emmanuel Koutouzos"

    I'm ready to vote:

  • Restoration Rule #1: Be careful where you park your project car

    Car crushed beneath tree limb


    In the Northeast, where our Eastwood headquarters are located, the weather has been pretty stormy this summer, but it was one particular July 2012 storm in the Southeast that brought a tear to our restorer's heart.

    Thankfully, no one was physically hurt, but there was an emotional and financial toll taken after that storm knocked down a massive oak tree, sending it crashing into several classic cars being restored at JLP Motorsports in Dade City, Florida. The list included a ’77 Ford LTD and ’67 Buick Skylark, as well as a ’68 Ford Pickup that belonged to one of the shop workers. That pickup's restoration was almost complete, and its owners had even taken it for a ride earlier that day. Now they have to start again at square one.

    Up north, few people keep project cars outside because of the weather, but down south it's generally more common to leave cars outside. But of course an indoor storage area doesn't guarantee protection against a storm either. A ’54 Chevrolet Bel Air was crushed when one of the tree's main branches crashed down on the shed in which it was stored.

    "We got lucky," the owner said. "We had several other vehicles right next to the lifts and on the lifts, and it just missed them. It could have been worse."

    Our hearts go out to all affected by the storms.

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