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  • Brain Reeves- 1965 Mustang

    "When I was 18 I lost a very dear close friend to a car accident. I purchased a 1965 mustang coupe from her parents that was her car. I m ade a prom ise to m yself that I would build the car in her m em ory. I have kept the car and bounced it from garage to garage for going on 24 years now. It sits in my garage now waiting for me to continue what I had started. In the time I have owned the car I have gotten it down to rolling chasis and collected come parts. However I have also gotten married and fathered three beautiful boys who happen to take m ost of m y tim e and m oney. My wife has been patient with m e and understands the meaning of this car in my life. It's funny but when I talk to friends I have kept in touch with they always ask if I still have the car. My reply is always "of course, I still need to finish it!" Anyway I try to work on it when time and funds permit. Unfortunately that is few and far between. I am at the metal work and body work stage. I need to repair some rust issues and snad and prep the body for paint. So I appeal to your sense of com m itm ent and dedication to honor m e with the prize to com plete m y prom ise to a fallen friend. Thank You for the consideration Brian Reeves To the memory and dedication of Ann "Charlie" Beall. You are gone but not forgotten! Love and miss you every day."

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