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  • Salvaged Panel Beating Station

    Our Panel Beating Bags and mallets have been a staple in our product line for years and it's one of the first things you should buy when starting the road down metal shaping and fabricating greatness. The basic concept behind using the mallets and sandbag is fairly simple, but learning to strike the metal at the right location and how hard is something that takes a lot of practice. One thing you need to do when using the bag is to make sure you're comfortable and have a good base to use the bag on. Hammering on the bag takes a lot of force and you need plenty of space all around you to swing the hammer and move the part in all directions. I decided to make a panel beating station from salvaged materials so I could stop moving my sandbag all over the shop and trying to find a good surface to use it on.
  • What Makes Us Tick-Ryan P. Eastwood Product Manager

    Yes, my grandfather owned his own shop and was the lead technician for a race team at the old Reading Fairgrounds. My father was also a technician for many years and gave me my education in automotive repair industry. I started my career as a technician when I was 13 by changing oil and doing other small jobs at local friend of the family’s garage. I eventually was performing any job that came through the door.
  • How to Cure Powder

    Powder Coating is a simple process when you break it down. A static charge causes the powder to stick to the part and you cook it to perfection? Right?! Well it isn't quite that simple as a number of factors can cause your powder job to fail if you aren't careful. The #1 reason for a poor powder finish is improper prep of the part before powder coating. The second is application, and the third is curing the powder. We often get calls and emails about trying to find work-arounds for curing powder at home. I decided to list some of the methods we've been asked about and the methods we prefer.
  • Tricks of the Trade- Paint and Clear Touch Up Tools

    Fixing issues in the body of a car are easy when the body is still in bare metal. It's just metal; cut, replace, repair, weld and it can be made flawless again. Once your vehicle is painted it's not so easy. Whether you just finished the paint job or it's been painted for a while; paint repair is a stressful task! We decided to put together a list of our must-have paint touch up tools/accessories that work well for us.
  • When to Use Each Type of Primer

    When it comes to doing body work, priming, and painting a car it can all be a bit overwhelming to decide on which products to use. There's countless choices just in body filler and primers alone before you even get to choosing color. A good paint job starts with a good base and no project should have subpar primer. We decided to give a quick breakdown of each primer so that you may more easily make your decision when laying the ground work for your paint job.

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