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  • The First 5 Fabrication Tools for Beginners

    With Fabrication and Metal Shaping tools becoming more affordable and more accessible more entry level guys and gals are adding fabrication tools to their home shop. Sure the giant industrial tools all the pros have are great and drool-worthy, but there's some basic tools every one of those pros also have that they still use regardless of the size of their shop or tool collection. We decided to put our top 5 must-have fabrication tools together every beginner should consider when just starting out.
  • Junkyard Survival Kit- What you need at the Scrapyard

    Some of us car-guys and gals were hitting junkyards before we could even drive. If you were lucky enough to be raised around the junkyard and scrapyard you know the ins and outs about what to have in your bag or bucket for your "Junkyard Survival Kit". But if not, you may be in for a rude awakening if you start hitting the yards for parts for your car. I've been religiously hitting junkyards all over the world since I could barely drive. I've learned a lot of tricks along the way and figured I'd pass along some of my go-to items I always have in my bag at the yard.
  • How to bring Faded Plastic Parts Back to Life

    Like everything in this world, trends are seen throughout styling over the years. Whether it's the clothes worn or how they were designing cars, you can usually look at something and tell what era it's from. For many years chrome or heavy metal bumpers were the norm on all cars. These bumpers had no plastic and you could usually polish them up if they ever faded over the years. In the late 1970's-late 90's rubber and plastic found its way onto bumpers more and more until modern times where a bumper is made 90% of plastic. With cars from the late 70's through the 90's now becoming "classic cars" more people are turning to restoring or refreshing them. This means trying to bring back a faded old black plastic bumpers or trim is a major issue on these cars that was never a problem with traditional "old car" restorations.
  • 5 Items your Garage Might be Missing!

    "You can never have too many tools" is a quote you hear a lot of people say. This is true IF you can keep them all organized, a tool hidden in a pile in a drawer that you can find isn't doing anyone any good! Regardless, we decided to put a list of some handy tools and garage accessories that you might be missing for your shop. Feel free to comment below with some of your ideas!
  • Get Comfortable and Step Up Your TIG Game

    Step up your TIG game and take your machine to the next level, enabling you to perform stronger and better looking welds. Regardless of the capabilities of the machine that you have, if you are looking to lay down the same great looking welds over and over, you have to be comfortable in your welding position. It's good practice to take your time to get into a comfortable position and take a dry run before you start an arc. This will tell you whether your position will enable you to complete your weld from end to end without stopping and starting.

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