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  • Getting Sideways in Moscow.

    While browsing some other automotive blogs, I spotted this on the Top Gear UK site (I still only recognize this as the only Top Gear show.. no matter what the U.S. TV networks try to market to us!). It is a top quality production done on the streets of Moscow with 2 of the top professional drift drivers. Videos like these make me wish I became a race car driver, too cool!

  • Insane In-Car Race Videos! 1700HP Dragster!

    It is a short week for most of us working-folk. I won't force you to think too much this week. I have always loved in-car race videos, where it feels like you are right there in the drivers seat. This week I picked some of my recent favorite in-car videos. So sit back, relax, and enjoy my favorite in-car YouTube videos of the week!


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