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  • Eastwood Spring Cruise-In - Dust off your ride and meet at Eastwood Headquarters!

    We have had such a huge response already for our Eastwood Summer Classic 2012 Show that we decided to have an impromptu Spring Cruise in on Friday May 18 2012! Dust off your ride and come out to meet with other enthusiasts and check out some great specials we will have in the store!

    We will have a table set up with Pizza and drinks and a good blend of music playing for everyone, so mark you calendar for Friday the 18th!

    The flyer is below. Feel free to pass this along to any friends, a good turnout for this event could spur us to have a fall cruise-in as well!


  • Eastwood Visits Hollywood Hot Rods and 2012 Street Rodder Road Tour Car

    You may remember that we announced about a month ago that we would be the Official Tool Sponsor of the 2012 Street Rodder Road Tour Car. This meant that the crew at Hollywood Hot Rods would be using our line of tools, from brake line tools to metal fabrication tools, they used it all! We recently had the opportunity to stop in and visit with Troy Ladd and his crew. We got the full tour and checked out the progress on the 40 Ford they were putting together for the 2012 Road Tour.

    Hollywood Hot Rods has been based in the Burbank area for a while now. Their location is in a part of town where you might not expect to see a hot rod or fabrication shop situated, but that's the beauty of Southern California. They make the most of their space and really pack it full of project cars! Just like their builds, everything had its well thought out place with each car being nestled into its own little piece of hot rod heaven. Everywhere you turned seemed to have a corner filled with more killer projects and tools, it was definitely overload of the senses for a custom car enthusiast!

    Finally we were able to check out the current status of the 40 Ford being built for the 2012 Street Rodder Road Tour. We had seen some spy photos of the chop being done to the roof of the car, but it was something else to see the finished product in person. With the help of some key Eastwood metal working tools like our Pro Hammer and Dolly Kit, Shrinker Stretchers, Bullseye Picks, Adjustable Profile Gauges, and many more they had the Drake body looking like it came from them with the chop. They really have chops down to a science and it showed with how flawless the metal work was!

    All in all it was a great trip and Troy and his crew were very gracious hosts, heck even the shop dog gave us a warm welcome and goodbye! We can't wait to see how the 40 Ford progresses and what other tricks Hollywood Hotrods and Street Rodder Magazine have in store for the car. Make sure you keep watching the blog for more updates on the 2nd annual Eastwood Summer Classic where you can see this very car in person!

    Check out the slideshow below for some of the highlights from our visit with Hollywood Hotrods!

    [thethe-image-slider name="Hollywood Hot Rods"]
  • Eastwood The Official Tools Sponsor of 2012 Street Rodder Road Tour Car

    Last year Street Rodder and Eastwood teamed together for the first annual Eastwood Summer Classic car show. The show was a huge success and it turned out to be one of the largest events the Street Rodder Magazine Road Tour encountered along the way.

    Eastwood Summer Classic

    2011 Street Rodder Road Tour Car

    Jerry Dixey and the Street Rodder crew were so happy with everything that they invited us to host the kick-off event for their east coast leg of the 2012 tour! We are beginning to plan the details for the 2012 Summer Classic, and we hope to make it larger than last year!

    Each year Street Rodder works with sponsors to build a new car for every Road Tour. This year is no different. We are happy to announce that Eastwood has been added as the Official Tool Sponsor for the team at Hollywood Hot Rods building the 2012 car. The theme for this years car is "Building an old car with new parts". They picked a new reproduction '40 Ford Coupe Body from Bob Drake Parts and a custom chassis from FatMan Fabrications for the foundation of this build. They have some cool tricks up their sleeves and we are excited to see how it turns out!

    Stay tuned for more details on the Street Rodder Road Tour, the Eastwood Summer Classic, and sneak peaks of the car and what the guys at Hollywood Hot Rods have gotten themselves into!

  • Eastwood Summer Classic Coverage Take 2!


    We are still digging through the loads of pictures, video, etc we took during the show. Here is the next batch of cool rides I snapped some shots of throughout the day. Enjoy!

  • Eastwood Summer Classic A Success! Part 1

    This past Saturday was our first big Car Show in a few years here at Eastwood, and we were overwhelmed with the positive response. Our crew was set to be in at 6:30-7AM and the show was scheduled to officially start at 10AM. The first hint that it was going to be a huge event was the early birds trickling in as the Eastwood crew was just getting in at 7AM. These guys knew it was going to be huge, and they wanted a prime spot! So as we began to set up our signs, trash bins, caution tape, tents, etc., cars started flooding in steadily at about 8-8:30AM! We were a bit surprised and had to jump into place to get everyone parked.

    Shortly there after, the rumble of the Street Rodder Road Tour Car was heard as Jerry Dixey rolled down the Eastwood driveway with his flamed 55 Chevy. The crowds of people started converging immediately on the car and Jerry, asking questions, shaking hands, and crawling around the car.. we all were pretty excited! Jerry helped set his crew of Road Tour members up in our hospitality tent, and they watched as every square inch of the Eastwood headquarters was filled.

    I was able to grab Jerry for a quick interview, and here is what he had to say about halfway through the day about everything so far, and a little about what they have planned for the rest of the tour!

    Enjoy the first batch of photos from the show I snapped below

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