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  • Fitting a bench Seat into a Channeled Hot Rod

    Channeling an early 30's car looks the cat's meow but it creates ALL sorts of problems with actually making the car drivable inside. Every step of this project I've had to take a step back and figure out how to fit everything into the car with the decreased room inside. Because the transmission and driveshaft tunnel protrude up above the floor now I couldn't just put the seat up on top of the tunnel or I'd have my head up out of the roof. I needed to get the driver and passengers butts as close to the floor as possible.
  • Which Seam Sealer and When to use

    Just like when priming and painting your car there are a lot of choices when it comes to picking a seam sealer when refinishing or repairing your project. Seam sealer is made to cover and seal areas where panels may have been welded or overlapped. It will keep the seam from getting moisture in between panels and rusting out. As long as you use the correct seam sealer and prepared the panel correctly it will last the lifetime of the vehicle. We decided to cover the seam sealers that we offer and their best applications.
  • The Wrong Tools for the Job

    The wrong tools for the job can cause more damage than help if you aren't careful. When working on sheet metal a wrong swing of a hammer, the wrong hammer and dolly can cause damage to your panel that will take 3-4 times as long to fix. You ALWAYS want to match your hammer face and dolly to the shape of the panel your working on. If you're working on a flat panel this isn't ever a panel, but as soon as you get into a corner, a curve, or a hard-to-reach area you may need to go outside your simple starter kit of hammers and dollies.
  • Custom Paint Doesn't come from a Can! Eastwood Intermix System

    Truly restoring a car means that you have to follow the factory specs of what your car should have looked like when new. There isn't much room for creativity when building up your car in that manner. On the other hand custom cars leave the doors wide open for what you can do. Whether its a mild custom with just some things done to clean up the appearance of your vehicle or if it involves creating an entire new persona of your stocker. When it comes to painting a custom car you don't want to just go with a stock color that everyone else at the next show will have on their car. Custom Paint mixing can be a scary task and many factors can change the color or "formula" along the way. We decided to take away some of the complexity of picking and mixing a custom color for your ride.
  • Off-Roading Crash Course For Dummies: What you Need to Know Before you go Wheeling

    With Off-Roading becoming more and more popular and parts suppliers being readily available "Wheeling" has become a weekend warrior type hobby that you can do with your daily driver. Whether you plan to just go out on the trail to camp for the night or an intensive rock climbing weekend out into the great beyond there's some things you should do to prepare yourself. We decided to put together a small list of things a beginner should consider before hopping the white lines of the road into the rocks and dirt. Check it out below and feel free to comment below if you have some advice for beginners as well!

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