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  • Mike U., Eastwood Tech Advisor- What Makes Us Tick

    Do you have any projects going right now? What are you building, restoring, or a job you are tackling next? my 32 Ford High boy. It's currently in Eastwood Gray Urethane Primer that I sprayed with the Eastwood Concours Paint Gun and the interior is covered in Eastwood Thermo-coustic.
  • Ed O., Eastwood Tech Advisor- What Makes Us Tick

    What's an interesting factoid about you that we wouldn't know at first glance? I'm a major head banger, who use to have long hair and I can’t live without my daily dose of Ozzy Osbourne on the way to work each morning.
  • Tim P., Circulation & Analytics Manager- What Makes Us Tick!

    A finely tuned machine- Eastwood Employees makes us tick

    We want to share the great Eastwood staff with you, our customers! We have asked them to fill out the first five questions, and then pick 5 random questions from a “Wildcard” section of questions. We allowed them to answer these however they’d like. You’d be surprised at what some of us have to say!

    1. Name and Title at Eastwood?
    Tim P., Circulation & Analytics Manager

    2. What the heck do you do all day?
    I figure out how our marketing programs are performing and plan how many catalogs we need, when to mail them and who to mail them to.

    3. Did you come from an automotive background before Eastwood? What did you do before Eastwood?

    Well, not really. I’ve always loved cars and tinkering around with them. I’ve owned a few beauties like a ’92 Monte Carlo and a ’72 Olds Cutlass Supreme. Prior to joining the Eastwood family, I forecasting and cost accounting for a large office supply chain.

    4. When not talking cars, tools, and restorations all day, what are a few of your hobbies?

    I like spending time with my family, watching high school and college sports and cooking.

    5. What's your favorite Eastwood product? Why?

    It’s actually a family of products for me: The Eastwood line of welders is my favorite. Our line of welders is really helping a lot of our guys do more and be even more creative at home in their own garages and saving them a lot of money.

    6. What's your favorite thing about working for Eastwood?

    Wow, that’s a tough one. I guess I’d have to say seeing some of the work our guys do or have done! Matt’s Pile House project has been really interesting to me. I really want to be more hands-on than I have in the past!

    7. Where do you find yourself navigating on the web regularly (other than

    Since I’m a Volvo guy, I find myself most often at , and most often looking for fixes and modifications I can make .

    Ford Fairlane

    8. What was your first car? A.1966 Ford Fairlane Convertible with no rear floorboards and a 3-speed on the floor. That car was in sad shape….but it was fun when it ran

    9. What are you building, restoring, or a job you are tackling next?
    Found myself a ’98 Volvo V70 T5 that’s in pretty good shape for the 185K on its clock.

    AMC Rambler Marlin

    10. If you could own any car on the earth, what would it be?

    A Rambler Marlin


    *Stock car photos courtesy of Wikipedia

  • Eastwood Dad Jim N.- What we want for Fathers Day!

    Fathers Day is fast approaching and we have loads of great Fathers Day Sale Items ready for you to wow your dad with. We made up a quick questionnaire for a few of our Eastwood Dads about the celebration that is Dad!

    Meet Jim N. he is one of our customer service team leads and a long time motorhead!

    1. Tell us about your pride and joy(s) (your kids of course!)-

    I have a 10 year old Daughter (Adriana) and 3 year old Son (Tristan)

    2. What would you prefer for Fathers Day, a new pair of socks, a tie, or tools and why?

    Tools!..I have over $10,000 in tools and want more! Although, I really could use a set of quality Eastwood Tin Snips!

    3. Did you get your love for cool vehicles with engines from your dad? Any fond memories of your dad and you working together?

    My dad was a Nuclear Engineer specializing in diesel generators as backup power to nuclear reactors. I was able to go with him a few times when they were rebuilding the generators and actually stand in one of the piston cylinders, yes they were that big. I knew then I wanted to be a mechanic and went to college to learn the trade.

    4. If you could hand down any tools from your collection down to your kids, which would they find the most useful?

    Probably my wrenches and socket sets, But my son is fascinated with my A/C sniffer

    5. What tool do you reach for the most when working around the garage or house

    My flashlight…seems the older I get the worse I see!

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