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  • Restoring a Ford Model T Jack- Don't throw away that Antique Jack!

    Antique cars had some pretty simple jacks that aren't hard to figure out how they work. The problem is that the jack is usually a WRECK on anything older and especially an antique. I've found over the years that if the part or accessory (in this case an old jack) is still solid structurally, it can often times be saved and reconditioned or restored and put back into service.   Click Here To Read Full Post...
  • Refresh Your Engine With Eastwood Chassis Black and Aluma Blast

    With Eastwood Chassis Black ( I prefer the Extreme version) and Eastwood you can make your drivetrain parts look like new. I use this combo anytime I have an engine or transmission out of a car. You can't beat the "factory fresh" look with this combo.

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  • Spray Paint can't stand the heat? Maybe it should get out of your car's "kitchen"!

    When I say kitchen, I of course mean "engine bay". Everyone loves to clean up their engine bay and painting pieces of your car's power plant has always been a proven way to do so . Commonly folks will reach for that can of cheap spray paint under the work bench. Sure this will make the part initially look better, but what will it look like in the long run? Engine temperatures in many vehicles can be quite high (most average 250-300 degrees). Unfortunately that can of "Ford Blue" econo spray paint from under your work bench won't cut it.

    We at Eastwood have developed a high temperature engine paint that boasts the highest temperature rating in the industry at 650F! In order to do this we have worked hard with some of the newest ceramic technology to come up with a finish that can not only withstand high temps, but also resist small chips and most chemicals! The paint can either be brushed on, or for the smoothest finish, shot with a HVLP spray gun. We have also been working hard to come up with all of the standard engine colors (Ford Blue, Chevy Orange) that you love, but also have a few cult classics that you may want to check out (AMC Blue comes to mind!).

    For a full description, check out our video we just recently finished showing off the product on our YouTube page!

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