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  • How to Build a Custom Pneumatic Workbench using Eastwood tools

    If you're a motorhead it's in your blood to always be building, tinkering, and improving upon mechanical things. Eastwood product manager Mark R. is no different, but he likes to take things to the extreme sometimes. Recently Mark built a new garage and was building the shop with new work benches that allowed him to maximize the usable space he had in shop....
  • A Kustom Kaiser Catches Jay Leno's Eye.

    Each year when we hit SEMA we try and showcase our favorite vehicles at the show in our coverage here on the blog, YouTube, Facebook, and our other social media outlets. This year a Kustom Kaiser caught our attention on setup day and we were able to catch up with builder Keith Charvonia to shoot a feature on his car. We were blown away by the attention to detail. Keith also told us he was going to be hitting the show circuit hard this year after SEMA.

    Fast forward a few months and Keith sent us an update on Project Drag'n. It turns out his Kaiser has caught the attention of some BIG names in the car world. Recently Jay Leno asked for Keith to come on an episode of Jay Leno's Garage to talk about the car. If you know anything about Jay's taste in cars, he likes the best of the best. Watch the Jay Leno's Garage site for the upcoming feature, but until then you can watch our interview at SEMA where Keith debuted the car below.

    We've also heard some whispers about David Freiburger pushing for a feature on the Kaiser in an upcoming issue of Hot Rod Magazine. I'd say it's going to be a good year for Drag'n and Keith!


  • First Wave of Eastwood Products Arrive at Honest Charley

    Recently we announced Eastwood's sponsorship of the 2013 Street Rodder Road Tour Build and we gave you a hint of what the crew at Honest Charley Garage had gotten themselves into with this build. We got an extensive list of tools and products they needed and we promptly sent off our first "care" package for the 51 Ford. The crew recently got the goods and sent us this picture of them after receiving it. We can't wait to see how they put it all to use and transform this rust bucket into a classy custom!

  • Guess Where They Found The "Back to the Future" Truck?

    The 1985 Toyota Xtra Cab 4X4 truck being driven by Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly, in "Back to the Future". (Photo courtesy

    If you saw the second and third "Back to the Future" movies, you likely remember the celebrated DeLorean car that was used in the pictures. But there were other vehicles in the films too. Michael J. Fox's character, Marty McFly, drove a 1985 Toyota Xtra Cab 4X4 truck in those movies, and it's that truck that will be undergoing a restoration soon.

    According to the Time Machine Restoration Company, the Toyota was stolen many years ago, and was recently recovered by the Mexican federal police. The car was auctioned off, and the company, already restoring the movie's iconic DeLorean, got the truck too.

    It's not clear what the vehicle was doing in Mexico, or why the Mexico federal police were involved, but there's no question that it's the actual car. There was a note written on the passenger-side sun visor that read, "Keith, Many thanks. See you on something else I'm sure—Michael J. Fox."

  • Slow, Medium, or Fast? Which Eastwood Urethane Paint Activator is Best?

    Concours Paint Gun

    Laying paint is a pretty simple idea when you think about it. You spray your desired color over something and let it dry and live happily ever after right? Well that may be true if you're painting a dog house, mailbox, or fencepost! It takes a little more than that to produce a quality paint job on a vehicle. There are a lot of tricks of the trade to help you lay perfectly smooth paint right out of the gun. The tip we're focusing on today is choosing the correct activator for your situation. Believe it or not using the correct activator could save you a lot of headaches, extra hours of sanding, or possibly having to respray the entire car!

    We realize you probably don't work in a climate controlled shop where you can monitor the temps. You may be spraying in your garage, in the yard, or in a temporary shed somewhere. This means the temperature outside and the weather can severely change how quickly the paint activates and "flashes" (starts to dry) as well as how well it flows out of the paint gun. We've decided to broaden our range of urethane activators into 3 simple formulas.

    Eastwood Urethane Activator

    1. Slow Activator- Slow activator is great for when you may be painting on a hot summer day when the temps are over 80F. Once you fine tune your mixture you can use this on a hot day and your paint will flow out nice and flat and you'll have enough time to lay all that you've mixed in your gun. Using this activator on too cool of a day would cause the paint to take much longer to flash and can cause imperfections in the paint. If you are in a pinch you could tweak the mix ratio, but do this with care!

    2. Medium Activator- We formulated this activator to be the best "all-around' activator when painting. If you are unsure which activator to choose, this one will work in most climates. Just remember that when you reach higher temps around 80F it may flash too quickly (causing "dry" spots) and with the temps under 70F it may take quite a while longer than normal to flash.

    3. Fast Activator- Spraying on a cool fall afternoon or on a night when the temps are under 70F? Then you need our fast activator! It will speed up the flash time and allow you lay your additional coats of paint or clear coat in a reasonable amount of time in cooler weather. In a pinch you can use our Medium activator as well, but remember it could raise your flash/cure times greatly!

    We always suggest to mix up a small batch of paint or clear coat and spray a test panel before you go at your project. Make sure you dial in your settings, mixture, and technique so you can quickly and efficiently lay your paint or clear. If you have a nice selection of Eastwood activators you can paint throughout the warm months of the year. Sadly we still haven't found the right formula to paint in those cold, snowy months.. but if we get more requests than just from Santa at the north pole.. we may look into it!


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