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  • Can Malicious Software Disable Your Vehicle...Or Worse?

    This was never a problem with the classic cars most Eastwood customers work on. But with all the computer hardware and software loaded into cars nowadays, is it possible your vehicle is vulnerable to a lethal computer virus?

    Intel Corp.'s McAfee software unit, known for software that protects computers against PC viruses, is among many companies working to protect the computer systems built into every modern vehicle. Because automakers haven't always properly protected these computer systems, they may be vulnerable to attack by hackers who'd be interested in stealing cars, listening-in on conversations, even possibly causing cars to crash.

    While manufacturers won't say that that's happened yet, the Ford Motor Company, for one, charges its security engineers with making its new "SYNC®" in-vehicle communications and entertainment system as resistant to attack as possible. Also, SAE International, an association of over 128,000 tech professionals working in the aerospace and the auto industries, has an expert committee working on advising manufacturers on ways to prevent, detect and stop automotive cyber attacks.

    How could those malicious viruses possibly get into your car's computer system? Some ways include onboard diagnostics systems, wireless connections, even tainted entertainment CDs.

    But manufacturers are working on solutions with the tech security industry. Read more about it at Huffington Post.

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