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  • 2014 Eastwood SEMA Hands-On Award Winners

    Each year we blow up our social media feeds with our favorite vehicles from SEMA. This year we decided we'd take it a step further and give the owners and builders of some of our favorite vehicles notoriety for their hard work. After some brainstorming the Eastwood "Hands-On" Awards were born. The idea behind these awards are to recognize some of the standout vehicles from the show. We judged on a number of factors from quality of work, execution of concept, and just outright ridiculousness of the finished product. Really the car needed to have something "special" to catch our eyes and earn the award. We'll admit we leaned heavily on the smaller shops and DIY builders that didn't have a million dollar dream team of employees and tools to finish the car, there's plenty of awards out there for those guys!   Click Here To Read Full Post...
  • SEMA 2013 Day 1 Coverage

    For most SEMA Show goers Tuesday is day one for the SEMA Show, but for anyone exhibiting today is our first day as set up our Eastwood Exhibitor booth. We’ve been exhibiting at the show quite sometime now and you can always find us right near the main stage of the General Motors and Chevrolet booth on the border of Hot Rod Alley and The Restoration Marketplace. The “Main Hall” where we reside for the week is where all of the heavy-hitters of the industry are setup. This also means we get to see some of the best cars of the show right In our backyard!  Click Here To Read Full Post...
  • SEMA 2012- Eastwood Company Part 3 Coverage

    Traditionally a lot of show cars, especially SEMA cars were known to be mostly all "show" and not a car you could drive on the street or the track. Many people even joke that these cars never see the road and are even pushed on and off the trailer (some still are but we won't point fingers!). For instance if it was a paint company they would have a stock car with beautiful paint and shiny wheels.. but underneath and inside nothing was done to enhance the car, while speed parts companies had cars that had a insane engine in a car that didn't run or couldn't even drive.. all ends of spectrums had cars that showed off their specific niche, but few had the "complete" package.

    These days the overall quality of show cars has risen and many of the cars are streetable-borderline race cars with a show car exterior and interior. It isn't uncommon to see a muscle car with the full suspension, wheel and tire combo, and big brakes to allow it to go around a road course as fast as an Italian sports car. It's quite mind-blowing when you look at how much fabrication, engineering, and design work has gone into these cars to allow them to be winners on the show field AND monsters on the track. The buzz term these days seems to be "Pro-Touring". Many classic cars are themed this way.. but I mean who wouldn't want the best of everything!

    Here's another batch of show vehicles from SEMA. Stay tuned as we dig through more pictures and video!

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  • Eastwood SEMA 2011 Coverage Day Four

    Today was extremely busy at the show, word has spread about our Popular Mechanics Editors Choice Award and they were all checking out the new products we have in the pipeline. Overall it seems like everyone was very impressed and we are excited to launch it all to the public here shortly!

    We are still blown away how many of the top SEMA show cars have Eastwood products on them! We have a bunch of show car video features in the works. Keep an eye out here, Facebook, and our YouTube channel for more on these cool rides!

    One of my favorite customs from the show was Chip Foose's custom Gull-winged Mercedes 300SL. The attention to detail and finish on this car was mind blowing. I spent quite a bit of time checking it out and it is pretty much perfect!

    Here are the highlights from where we walked. You will notice quite a variety in these!

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  • Eastwood Visits Source Interlink's El Segundo office!

    Last Thursday you may have read about our trip to the Irvine headquarters for Source Interlink, home of some of your favorite auto magazines. Well on Friday we visited their relatively new El Segundo office. We were lucky enough to get to show off some of our newest upcoming products and tour this amazing facility.

    Any avid readers of Car Craft, Hot Rod, Import Tuner, Classic Trucks, Lowrider, Street Rodder, etc may recognize some of the vehicles hanging out in their shop. This includes one of the most famous Chevy's ever. Hot Rod's 50+ year old ever-evolving project car. A 57 Chevy. This car has changed and been publicized more than any other Chevy in history. "Project-X".

    Also check out the trick bar they have in their shop. It sports a counter top of old Hot Rod covers and articles, a Hurst Shifter beer tap, custom wheel bar stools, Cam shaft footrests, custom hoods with lights mounted in them for lighting, etc, etc. This bar was really something!

    Lastly we were able to preview their amazing photo studio where a lot of the cover shots for the big magazines are shot, as well as feature articles. We were lucky enough to be in time to catch a photoshoot going on for LowRider Magazine. This cover car was AMAZING (the model wasn't too bad either!). Even if the LowRider scene isn't your thing, everyone can appreciate the amount of work, money, and time that goes into some of these beautiful cars!

    We couldn't thank the crew at Source Interlink anymore for their hospitality! We hope to meet up and hang out again with you guys!

    Check out the entire album for all of the other incredible shots of their El Segundo headquarters!

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