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  • 2014 Lonestar Roundup Coverage

    What was once described to me as the “Best Little Show in Texas” has grown into one of the largest traditional hot rod and kustom car shows in the country. 2014 makes the 13th Annual Lonestar Roundup in Austin, TX. For the 4th time I made the 1300 mile round trip from my home in central Kansas straight down I-35 to the Roundup, for the 2nd time I took my own ride. The show has grown considerably since my first trip, it’s quickly finding the limits of the Travis County Expo Grounds.  Click Here To Read Full Post...
  • A Visit from Rolling History- The Keystone Cops Model T Car Club Visits Eastwood

    Like the saying "birds of the same feather flock together", automotive enthusiasts with similar tastes and interests normally cruise and meet together. This is especially true with fans of Ford Model T's. Recently we got a call from the local Ford Model T car club who wanted to stop in for a visit at the Eastwood headquarters; we happily agreed. The Keystone Cops Model T Car Club is a group of enthusiasts that enjoy all aspects of Model T's in "original" form. You won't see chopped, channeled, or modified caricatures of the original here, these enthusiasts are out enjoying their cars as they were built originally.

    This past Thursday the group set out on their annual 3-day cruise through local rural scenic roads. They made their first stop at the Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles and then continued on a few short miles to visit us here at Eastwood. As the cars rolled in and parked, we were taken back to a time when cars were mechanical works of art rather than digitized, rolling toasters we see on the road today. The brass, the wood, and the simplicity stops almost anyone in their tracks, and we can definitely admit that many of us disappeared from our desks while they were here!

    After everyone parked, snapped some pictures, and said hello, we gave the first of 2 excited groups a tour of the inner workings of Eastwood, and gave them a bit of history. After the tours we rounded the building to give them a short tech demo on our new Eastwood Metal Brake and Slip Roll, and closed the tour with "goodie" bags for the visitors.

    All in all the visit was great for everyone involved and we were delighted to see so much automotive history in one place! Click the pictures in our gallery below to view the larger versions. Thanks for reading!


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  • 2012 Macungie Das Awkscht Fescht Highlights

    As mentioned in our last post about Crosleys Being Featured at Das Awkscht Fescht 2012, we stopped by the show to get some footage of what the event is all about. Das Awkscht Fescht has a great laid-back vibe and Macungie, PA has the small-town-USA atmosphere that we love, so it's become one of our favorite shows of the year. Swap meet vendors and enthusiasts start showing up as early as Wednesday or Thursday and by Friday the fields are starting to fill up. Show goers quickly find their favorite shady spot to sit and talk cars for the day. We're always excited to see what sort of rare collectible vehicles show up each year. This year was no different, especially with the Crosley club coming together to put on a great display. Check out some of our pics and the video above to see what you're missing if you aren't hitting this show!

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  • An "A+" Flea Market Event

    Here at Eastwood we all hold a special place in our hearts for THE classic car that pretty much started it all. The Ford Model A is still to this day one of the most sought after collector cars in the industry.

    Recently I was passed along the information of a gathering of Model A parts and cars and I wanted pass it along to readers! Join the Lehigh Valley Model "A" Club for their annual Flea Market and Show and Shine. This will be a nice laid back event to swap stories, parts, and enjoy the car that captured a nations hearts over the years!


    Join the Lehigh Valley Model A club on May 14th at Roadside America in Shartlesville, PA between Allentown and Harrisburg just off of Rt22 and I78 exits 23. This FREE event will be from 9AM-3PM and all early Ford parts and cars are welcomed. Since this is a flea market/show and shine event only, there will be no plaques or trophies. For more information feel free to contact Brent with the Model A club at: 610-850-5396

    Hope everyone can make it out!


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  • 1919 Ford Model T Saved twice!

    This story came in from our director of merchandising Dan G. A friend of his recently pulled this pretty nice 1919 Ford Model T out of a garage after many years of storage. I was blown away at how well this Model T aged. I decided I had to contact Dan's friend Alan, and get a brief background on how a find like this came about.

    According to Alan, a childhood friend "Jeff" had this car in the family since the late 50's. Apparently his father had purchased the car then from the original owner and pulled it out of a barn in Maine for a measly $500. Luckily he had found the car when he did, as it didn't take much fiddling to clean it up and put it back in service. Often he was found driving the kids around the neighborhood in this piece of automotive history. Even back then I can imagine it wasn't that common to see someone driving around in an all original Model T, and the looks and conversation must have been great!

    In the 1990's Jeff's father retired, and moved from New England down here to "Eastwood Country" in Pennsylvania. His trusty Model T followed him here, and he packed it into his new garage. At this point the "T" was in need of a restoration. He took up one of my favorite parts of this hobby; collecting and locating new original parts to bring his project back to "like new" condition. After a number of years, his hard work was paying off, and the car began to be surrounded by rare parts, new accessories, replacement parts, and all sorts of goodies. You can imagine the determination it took to seek out these parts then. In the early 90's the internet wasn't quite like it is today, and he couldn't just put a "WTB" ad up on craigslist, forums, or even browse Ebay for what he needed. I'm sure it took a lot of networking with other enthusiasts, watching the newspaper, and hitting up lots of swap meets (the "old fashioned way"), to gather things like brand new Ford Model T spark plugs in the box, gas lamps, etc for a then 70-80 year old car.

    Fast forward to this past June, and Jeff's father unfortunately passed away. His long time project was left behind in his garage, and his family was forced to sell his home, and of course clean out his belongings. Because all of the family lived out of state, and coordinating the whole clean up was quite difficult, Alan offered to help his long time friend Jeff out. Alan showed up, and to his surprise, the garage door was open.. and there sit the old Black 1919 Ford "T". Jeff and his family indicated "it had to go", even though they all had an emotional attachment to it. Since they didn't have anywhere to keep it, and they didn't want to just sell it to a "stranger", Alan and his brother offered to purchase it and keep on with their father's plan of restoring it.

    As you can see, the old "T" is in quite good nick, and luckily a lot of the hard to find bits were included with the car. Alan and his brother promised to keep the family updated on progress through pictures and email. Alan indicated that someday soon he hopes he can give Jeff and his family a ride around the neighborhood again. Just like they did with their Father so many years ago. This will be the second time this car is "saved", and it is really great that it is being kept alive!

    These are the stories that I love, and it is half the fun of owning, restoring, and tinkering with old cars. They all have some sort of history, story, or interesting bit of information about them, and often the owner is happy to share. Try and strike up a similar conversation with a new Hyrbid owner in the parking lot.. I'm gonna bet it won't be nearly as interesting!

    Here are a few more pictures of the "T" that Alan forwarded over. You can really see how good the condition is in these pictures! Enjoy!

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