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  • Parking Lot Gems- 1968 Pontiac Firebird

    In Eastwood country the classic car hobby is still huge and it isn't uncommon to see a lot of cool cars cruising when the weather is nice, but during the east coast winters it is pretty rare to see anything of interest rolling around. Recently I was grabbing some breakfast at my local diner spot and I spotted a muscle car roll up that I haven't seen in my area before. It was very cold outside and not really an ideal time of year to be driving a muscle car. I watched intently to see what sort of person would get out of the car. To my surprise a family of 4 crawled out of the car and walked into the dinner. The owner didn't lock the doors, didn't look back to check on it, didn't really seem too bothered he was driving a pretty unusual muscle car. It made me wonder if he really didn't realize it was such a unique car, or if he just was a local at the diner and trusted the area? I didn't get to chat with them, but I snapped the picture above on my way out. It looked to be a survivor car in pretty decent shape considering it didn't seem too be babied. I'm still surprised by the cars that people drive like normal-everyday cars. This is a reminder that in the end of the day, it's a car, it's meant to be driven and the best drives are the ones taken to do the most normal things, like eat breakfast with the family. Cherish your time with your favorite car and the people that are important to you, no matter what condition your ride is in.


  • Parking Lot Gems- Classic Dodge Car Hauler

    Now that the weather is getting nicer we're out cruising in our cars just about every weekend. While some of us go to the regular cruise-ins and shows in the area, I like to get off the beaten path and take the scenic route. My lady and I have a pretty good system worked out now where she surveys the scenery for interesting cars, trucks, and motorcycles, while I try to get us lost on back country roads. We've found some pretty neat classics, and met some interesting characters this way, but it's always an adventure. Here's to another season of back road cruising!

    This one we spotted when stopping at a yard sale at a restored old farm house. The owner had some interesting things in the driveway, so we decided to stop in and take a look around. Up close to their barn we found this gem, a 60's Dodge dually car hauler. Legend goes that this truck was used to haul race cars around for a local racer. He even had the truck repainted to match the car at one point, but obviously the bodywork and paint have seen better days!

    The current owner bought it from the "racer" and used it for his electrical business running up and down the Eastern coast of the U.S. for many years. The big block V8 with the giant Edelbrock carb was averaging around 6-8 MPG and sometimes even less when they were fully loaded up! Imagine trying to do that with the gas prices today! This truck was put out of service when a shop diagnosed a miss as the engine needing a full rebuild. One look under the hood for anyone "in the know" and you can instantly spot the missing valve spring retainer circlip and the decompressed valve spring.. that just might cause a miss!

    Otherwise the truck looks to be in pretty good shape for its age and pretty much everything you would need to put it back in service is on or in the truck (minus the ramps for the back). At minimum I'd clean off the surface rust on the truck, seal it with some Rust Encapsulator and Chassis Black, then take care of the fuel system with a Gas Tank Sealer Kit and Aerosol Injection. The owner indicated he would sell it for the price of scrap and we think it would be a tragedy to see it go as the latter! This would be perfect to compliment a classic car at a show, or even a killer car hauler for a repair or restoration shop! We just wish we had the space to give it a home!

    Stay tuned for more field, driveway, and parking lot gems as we photograph and share their stories with you! -Matt/EW

  • Parking Lot Gem- A vintage Volvo (and it's not a brick!)

    Tim P. here at Eastwood is our resident "Volvo-nut" He has loads of them and pretty much his entire family drives some of Sweden's finest. This past weekend he submitted this picture for our "Parking Lot Gem" series. This looks to be a pretty tidy (and probably restored) Volvo P1800S.These are pretty neat sports cars with some great body lines. Most of which are not very "Volvo-like" compared to modern day Volvos that are much more square and "boxy". These weren't a very big hit in the States, so it is extremely rare to see one outside of a car show. Nice eye Tim!

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