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  • Detroit Autorama- Highlights, Trends, and our Favorite Rides!

    ....."but there's one other show that matches the abundance of high end classic cars and that's the Detroit Autorama show and their "Ridler Award". The "Motor City" has, and always will be synonymous with cars. While the car manufacturers may have left, this show has not and continues to grow in size."
  • Project Pile House Late Summer Update

    Last time I checked in on Project Pile House I had just gotten done welding floor pans in and rebuilding the rotten door jambs. Since then I've been really busy and I have been slacking on my updates here. I have been posting regular updates on Instagram if you want to follow along feel free to check the #pilehouse tag or view the pics on your desktop HERE.
  • Do you have a Volvo getting on in years, or in miles?

    When you restore a classic or collector car, chances are very good it has a few miles on it, let alone quite a few years! Well, one car company, Volvo, would like to recognize you for your ability to keep one of their cars in running shape for so long. (It's always nice to get a little recognition from the original builder of the car!)

    The Volvo Heritage Club was launched in November 2012 to recognize and celebrate long-term or high-mileage Volvo owners.

    Do you belong in this exclusive club? Membership is for anyone who meets one of these eligibility requirements:

    • An owner who has had one or more Volvos for at least 10 consecutive years
    • An owner whose Volvo has more than 100,000 original miles
    • An owner who was a member of the former Volvo High-Mileage Club

    "We decided to launch the Volvo Heritage Club with one distinct difference from our previous High-Mileage Club," said VCNA President and CEO John Maloney. "This club acknowledges our passionate owners who may have had many different Volvos over time but never had a particular car with high mileage. When you combine both long-standing loyalty and high-mileage achievements, well, that's a club that truly represents the heritage of a car brand."

    Once accepted into the new Volvo Heritage Club, members will get a commemorative Volvo Heritage Club medallion to display on their Volvo. They'll also get previews of new product offerings, access to exclusive promotions and offers, and special invitations to Volvo events and more.

    Volvo Heritage Club medallions will be issued for 10, 15, 20 and 25 years of consecutive ownership, as well as these mileage milestones: 100k, 200k, 300k, 400k, 500k, 750k and 1,000,000 miles.

    Think you meet the membership requirements for the Volvo Heritage Club? Sign up here.

    And if you'd like to watch a PBS video about a 1966 VolvoP1800 still going strong after 2.7 millon miles, click here and enjoy.

  • Classic Cars Stuck In Havana, Cuba

    From the video: one of the many American classics (’56 Chevy) still on the road in Havana.

    While browsing through some videos on YouTube, I came across a 4-1/2-minute home movie that someone took on a trip to Havana, Cuba. It's amazing, but at first glance you'll think it's a video about a classic car show somewhere in Florida!

    Virtually all the American cars in Cuba are from the Fifties, thanks to the blockade imposed by the U.S. in 1960. So you can imagine what kind of fine shape they must be in to still be on the road! (Without access to original car parts, Cubans make their own parts or scavenge them from other cars.)

    Though several of the cars in this video have already been identified, you can try identifying them as you watch as well. You'll also enjoy a short travelogue of today's Havana.

    Interestingly, you'll also see traffic lights that have digital timers to let drivers know how many seconds are left until the green light and red light change. That might not be a bad idea in this country (though I could think of some drawbacks).

    In this video you'll see classic Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Ford, Mercury, Dodge, Chrysler, and even a vintage Mercedes-Benz.

  • Parking Lot Gems- 1968 Pontiac Firebird

    In Eastwood country the classic car hobby is still huge and it isn't uncommon to see a lot of cool cars cruising when the weather is nice, but during the east coast winters it is pretty rare to see anything of interest rolling around. Recently I was grabbing some breakfast at my local diner spot and I spotted a muscle car roll up that I haven't seen in my area before. It was very cold outside and not really an ideal time of year to be driving a muscle car. I watched intently to see what sort of person would get out of the car. To my surprise a family of 4 crawled out of the car and walked into the dinner. The owner didn't lock the doors, didn't look back to check on it, didn't really seem too bothered he was driving a pretty unusual muscle car. It made me wonder if he really didn't realize it was such a unique car, or if he just was a local at the diner and trusted the area? I didn't get to chat with them, but I snapped the picture above on my way out. It looked to be a survivor car in pretty decent shape considering it didn't seem too be babied. I'm still surprised by the cars that people drive like normal-everyday cars. This is a reminder that in the end of the day, it's a car, it's meant to be driven and the best drives are the ones taken to do the most normal things, like eat breakfast with the family. Cherish your time with your favorite car and the people that are important to you, no matter what condition your ride is in.


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