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  • Save All the Classics- Pulling a 1960 Oldsmobile Out of Its Tomb

    Nick fondly remembered this side of his family having cool old cars since his years as a wee little one visiting on the holidays and to watch the Mummers Parade. After speaking with his family, he found out that one of the cars was still stashed away in their large garage in the city behind the house. The house and garage have been uninhibited for a number of years as his great Aunt was in poor health. He struck a deal and asked myself and Joe R. here at Eastwood to come help him extract the car from it's tomb.
  • Philly Auto Show- A Quick Overview.

    Over the past 9 days Philadelphia played host to the annual Philadelphia Auto Show. We had an Eastwood representative Martin B in the crowds, and he was able to snap off some of his favorite cars of the show. Turns out (is it a surprise?), that some of our favorites were definitely the vintage autos in attendance. Who can't appreciate these pieces of automotive history?

    From old to new, from gas savers, to gas guzzling super cars, there was something for everyone! Check out the overview of the show in our photo gallery below!

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