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  • A Retired 1953 Chevy Farm Truck Stops by the Eastwood Outlet

    We often have local customers cruising to the Eastwood retail outlet in their classic cars. During the winter the number of interesting cars and trucks that we see goes down considerably, but that doesn't stop everyone. Ray T. stopped by the other day to price out some tools and supplies for his newest project- a 1953 Chevy 3/4 Ton Pickup. His truck is a rare bird in that it's all original and it's farm fresh! The truck spent 99% of its life since new on a Kansas Farm and it only has some wear and tear from being "used". Overall the truck is very solid and it stil sports the original inline six that runs great (albeit a little oil smoke). The only modification currently is a rear end from a more modern 1987 Chevy 3/4 ton pickup.

    Ray's plans are a bit controversial, but he's talking about turning it into a street rod and installing an automatic v8 and some more modern modifications. The purists may turn their noses up for modifying such a nice original example, but he does have a nice solid base to start with! Whatever he decides, our guys in the Eastwood retail outlet will steer him in the right direction to do the job right. If you want to visit our retail outlet and get some advise about your next project or see our products in person, come see us here:

  • I Wonder If They Get The Eastwood Catalog At The Southern Desert Correctional Facility


    Forget stamping out license plates. Inmates at the Southern Desert Correctional Facility north of Las Vegas are part of a program that employs inmates to restore classic cars. They have two mottos: "We have the time to do it right", and "Built with conviction".

    Obviously, they also have a sense of humor.

    Michael Fuller has watched some hard cases come into the SDCF for years, then leave practically reborn. He's talking about cars—very cool vintage cars. They come in rough and battered, and inmates restore them to their original glory. "We've got a '56 Jaguar, a '48 Rolls Royce, and a Studebaker pickup," said Mr. Fuller.

    Over 30 medium-security inmates at the prison's auto shop work on classic cars like these every weekday. These inmates restore vehicles for Silver State Industries, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nevada's Department of Corrections.

    Some of the others collectible cars they've renovated include two 1960s-era Corvettes, two 1960 Mustangs, a 1959 Thunderbird, a 1965 Malibu, a 1935 Chevy pickup and two 1969 GTOs.

    All kinds of customers bring their cars in for restoration. One happy customer, Las Vegas realtor Barry Becker, has had nearly a dozen cars restored by prisoners. Among his prison-rescued treasures are a 1937 Dodge sedan convertible, a 1937 Dodge "Woody" wagon, a 1956 Nash Metropolitan and a 1941 Plymouth pickup truck.

    Read the complete article here.

  • The Eastwood Customer Parking Lot- Blast From The Past "Shadow Rod"

    We often brag about how great our local automotive enthusiast scene really is, but we are really lucky to have our retail outlet here at the Eastwood headquarters so we get to see in-progress and finished vehicles rolling through the lot on a daily basis. The other day I wandered outside after the retail outlet called to let me know a nice little Ford street rod rolled into the lot. I stopped outside and instantly recognized the Blast From the Past Street Rods "Shadow Rod" truck. Blast from the Past has been one of the top street rod shops in the area for years, and they've been long time customers. We've even used their shop and cars for testing and photo shoots in the past. So we're no strangers to owner Bill and his crews' creations.

    This truck is a based off of a Shadow Rods body that is a modernized replica of a '27 Ford. Bill and crew at Blast from the Past took this body and gave it their special touch to give this rod a really cool custom look. This truck has been given the full treatment with every part painted, new, and detailed, it's no wonder it gets so much attention at every event they take it to!

    While I was snapping pictures of the shadow rod, I had a chat with Bill (owner) of Blast from the Past. He decided to cruise the truck out to Eastwood to pick up some new consumables for his Versa Cut Plasma Cutter he purchased a few months ago. Bill explained that he had Snap-On and Hobart plasma cutters in his shop previously, but after his snap-on malfunctioned and the repairs were close to the cost of a new plasma, and his Hobart died on a Saturday, he ran down to try out one of our Versa Cut plasma cutters. Bill and his shop aren't new to Eastwood products, but they were still surprised by how well the plasma performed and he mentioned it blew their old snap-on plasma away in performance (and of course cost!). Judging by the bag of consumables that Bill had in his hand, they are definitely putting the versa-cut through its paces!

    As always it was a pleasure to see a nice custom rod like the shadow rod roll through our lots, and we hope you enjoyed the pics. Planning to hit the Eastwood Retail Outlet in your ride? Shoot us a message and we'd be happy to shoot some photos and give you a little feature on our blog!

  • Keep this in mind in 32 years- Ford To Make Aluminum F-150 Trucks

    In 2044, when you (or your child) is looking for an "antique" 2014 Ford F-150 pickup to restore, don't be surprised if the body panels are largely aluminum, not steel.

    But this is a Ford! This is a Truck! How can they do that? Well, thanks to Washington's latest fuel-economy regulations, Ford is working on switching from steel to aluminum to reduce the weight of its F-150 by about 700 lbs. (about 15% of its current weight). By cutting that weight, trucks can go farther on a gallon of gas, and it could also lead to smaller engines, further boosting fuel economy.

    But will you, a potential customer, go along with this drastic change? Will the most popular truck in the U.S. be as safe and durable as we expect from a Ford F-150 pickup? There's a lot at stake here, considering the F-150 is one of the most profitable vehicle lines in the world, and it's outsold every other vehicle in the U.S. since 1982.

    There are also a few interesting manufacturing problems that Ford has to deal with. Since aluminum is not magnetic, they'll need to invest in powerful, power-hungry vacuums to transfer the aluminum sheets within the factory, instead of the giant magnets they now use on steel. Aluminum is also "springier" than steel when pressed, is more likely to tear if pressed too quickly, and it scratches more easily.

    But Ford engineers continue to work on the first prototypes, so I think I'll reserve judgment on the 2014s until I can actually drive one. Sure hope their "Built Ford Tough" slogan will still apply!

  • Restoration Rule #1: Be careful where you park your project car

    Car crushed beneath tree limb


    In the Northeast, where our Eastwood headquarters are located, the weather has been pretty stormy this summer, but it was one particular July 2012 storm in the Southeast that brought a tear to our restorer's heart.

    Thankfully, no one was physically hurt, but there was an emotional and financial toll taken after that storm knocked down a massive oak tree, sending it crashing into several classic cars being restored at JLP Motorsports in Dade City, Florida. The list included a ’77 Ford LTD and ’67 Buick Skylark, as well as a ’68 Ford Pickup that belonged to one of the shop workers. That pickup's restoration was almost complete, and its owners had even taken it for a ride earlier that day. Now they have to start again at square one.

    Up north, few people keep project cars outside because of the weather, but down south it's generally more common to leave cars outside. But of course an indoor storage area doesn't guarantee protection against a storm either. A ’54 Chevrolet Bel Air was crushed when one of the tree's main branches crashed down on the shed in which it was stored.

    "We got lucky," the owner said. "We had several other vehicles right next to the lifts and on the lifts, and it just missed them. It could have been worse."

    Our hearts go out to all affected by the storms.

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