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  • West Coast Report 42st Edition by John Gilbert

    Welcome to the 42nd edition of West Coast Eastwood’s West Coast Report. This time around the focus will be on Hot August Nights held in Reno, Nevada. HAN as it’s often abbreviated is one of the most expansive events a participant can attend and consequently an absolute nightmare for journalists attempting to cover it all.
  • Parking Lot Gems- 1968 Pontiac Firebird

    In Eastwood country the classic car hobby is still huge and it isn't uncommon to see a lot of cool cars cruising when the weather is nice, but during the east coast winters it is pretty rare to see anything of interest rolling around. Recently I was grabbing some breakfast at my local diner spot and I spotted a muscle car roll up that I haven't seen in my area before. It was very cold outside and not really an ideal time of year to be driving a muscle car. I watched intently to see what sort of person would get out of the car. To my surprise a family of 4 crawled out of the car and walked into the dinner. The owner didn't lock the doors, didn't look back to check on it, didn't really seem too bothered he was driving a pretty unusual muscle car. It made me wonder if he really didn't realize it was such a unique car, or if he just was a local at the diner and trusted the area? I didn't get to chat with them, but I snapped the picture above on my way out. It looked to be a survivor car in pretty decent shape considering it didn't seem too be babied. I'm still surprised by the cars that people drive like normal-everyday cars. This is a reminder that in the end of the day, it's a car, it's meant to be driven and the best drives are the ones taken to do the most normal things, like eat breakfast with the family. Cherish your time with your favorite car and the people that are important to you, no matter what condition your ride is in.


  • America's 5 Greatest Muscle Cars...Do You Agree?

    1970 Dodge Charger

    You know how it is when you're at a car're shooting the bull with the boys when the discussion gets around to muscle cars. Everyone's got an opinion on what the top American muscle cars are, and each muscle car fan has his or her own "list".

    But I came across this list on the blog, and to me it's hard to argue with the choices (as long as it's not listed in any particular order!).

    The cars are listed below. If you disagree, feel free to give us your list in the comments section below.

    Dodge Charger
    Immortalized forever as the "General Lee" in the TV show, "The Dukes of Hazzard".

    Pontiac GTO
    "Critics in its day pointed out the sluggish steering, sparse interior and unsteady brakes, but once the GTO hit a straight line, it blew its competition out of the water."

    Chevrolet Chevelle
    " 1970, Chevrolet released a bombshell with the Chevelle SS and its jaw-dropping 450-horsepower engine."

    Chevrolet Camaro
    "One of the longest-lived muscle car models, thanks to its persistent popularity."

    Ford Mustang
    "The most successful muscle car of all time...synonymous with the kind of raw power and thrills the world expects from a brilliant piece of American engineering."

  • Project GTohhhh myyy

    The one nice thing about us having a small store front here at the Eastwood headquarters, is that we have customers stop in with their newly finished projects quite often. We love when they come to show off all their hard work. Yesterday a long time customer (and frequent visitor to our retail store), Dan S.  swung by to show off his recently finished 1965 GTo. Dan has had this car about 10 years, and has spent some major time and energy building the car as well as tracking down some extremely hard to find parts, including many NOS (New Old stock for anyone not in the "know") badges, trim pieces and other assorted bits. I was lucky enough to get a chance to do a quick little photoshoot with it the car and chat about it with Dan. Days like these remind us why we do this little endeavor we call Eastwood! Below is the quick basic run-down of products used on the car and a few of my favorite shots I snapped. Hope everyone enjoys them as much as I do!

    1965 GTO

    -Eastwood Buffing Compounds and wheels

    -Underhood black

    -Chassis Black

    -Eastwood Air Brush Kit

    -Tubing Bender

    -Brake flaring and bending tools

    -Liquid Ice

    -Eastwood Media Blaster and supplies

    -Eastwood Etching primers

    -Much more!

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