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  • How to Cure Powder

    Powder Coating is a simple process when you break it down. A static charge causes the powder to stick to the part and you cook it to perfection? Right?! Well it isn't quite that simple as a number of factors can cause your powder job to fail if you aren't careful. The #1 reason for a poor powder finish is improper prep of the part before powder coating. The second is application, and the third is curing the powder. We often get calls and emails about trying to find work-arounds for curing powder at home. I decided to list some of the methods we've been asked about and the methods we prefer.
  • 5 Tips to Keep your Parts Clean when Powder Coating

    Coating anything requires good prep to assure a flawless finish. This is true for painting with an HVLP Gun, spray paint, or powder coating. Powder Coating adds an extra layer of finish contamination that other coatings do not. That's the need to heat the part and the powder up to allow it to flow out and cure. Funky stuff can start to happen causing issues with the final product. We decided to put together or top five ways to prepare your parts for powder coating. These tips could be the difference between a show-worthy finish and a hack job!
  • Powder Coating Motorcycle Parts to Make it Stand Out

    Powder Coating is about one of the strongest coatings you can put on a part of your vehicle. What this does mean is that changing the color or design on your powdered parts can be a bit difficult to do. Recently Product Manager Beau B. decided to redo the color scheme on his motorcycle and document the process of stripping the powder off some of the parts and recoating them with fresh powder. It's not as bad as you think!
  • Turbo Refinish with Powder Coating

    Whether you're adding a turbo to your car or just refinishing the one you already have the best and really only option is powder coating.  Eastwood has everything you need to completely restore your turbo in an extremely durable corrosion-free finish that other coatings simply can't match.
  • What is "Hot Flocking" and When do I do it?

    This helps with adhesion, but can be VERY tricky if you aren't careful. Start by cleaning your parts as good as possible, including any paint, grease or oil. I then like to run the part through the heat and cool cycle once heating the part past the curing temperature of your powder (check your powder bottle for the temperature). I then do one last wipe down with Acetone and then put it back in the oven and heat it to the curing temperature until the ENTIRE part is reading the cure temperature. Using an IR thermometer is key here.

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