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  • Project of the Week- Powder Coating a vintage Mini Bike

    Here at Eastwood we're always working on new products, but we always make sure we're testing products we've offered for quality. Recently JR decided to powder coat a vintage mini bike to show off some of our Hot Coat Powder and test the outcome of our metallic powders.   Click Here To Read Full Post...
  • Project Pile House Shaving and customizing the original dash and glovebox.

    While I had the column out I decided to start cleaning up the dash and sort out my brake pedal dilemma on the truck. In order to get under the dash for fabricating the new brake pedal setup and to shave and smooth the dash I needed to pull it out. ....  Click Here To Read Full Post...
  • Project Resolution - The Final Chapter?

    Eight months ago, we set out to transform this tired 1989 Fox Body Mustang into a cool cruise night ride, while working with a $7,000 budget. The ultimate goal was to show what a typical "car guy" (or "car girl") can accomplish at home. As you can see, the transformation is incredible.  Click Here To Read Full Post...
  • Mustang Project Resolution Phase 7- It's looking like a car again!

    On the day of the 2013 Summer Classic our team was still cleaning and detailing the car up until the beginning of the show! We rolled it out mostly complete and the reaction from the spectators was great. The Eastwood Blue Pearl paint REALLY pops in the sun!  Click Here To Read Full Post...
  • Buy A Project Car From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

    It may not be for the faint of heart, but there are people who are buying classic cars—both restored and yet-to-be-restored—online, via auction sites and dealership web sites.

    "We bought our '55 Porsche Continental Cabrio from pictures on an eBay auction held in Hawaii," admits Michigan collector Barry Wolk. As the online offers slowly climbed, Wolk did a little offline research and contacted the head of the Porsche Club in Hawaii, who knew the car.

    "He said it was being fairly represented," says Wolk, who ended up buying the Porsche for the reserve price — the minimum amount acceptable to the seller. The long-distance deal was done.

    Though cars are among the most-researched items online, most are actually bought in person. I'm that way. I like to get behind the wheel and drive it (when possible) before making an offer. People with deeper pockets than I might buy an expensive classic collector car sight unseen, but that usually includes hiring a pre-purchase inspector to evaluate the vehicle. Also, many companies have liberal return policies that take some of the risk out of long-distance shopping.

    Bill Hill of Michigan has a strong interest in "unusual" unrestored cars and trucks, and his garages hold automotive treasures from 1915 to a couple of post-World War II Woodie station wagons. Hill bought a rare 1931 Hudson sight unseen, and he was willing to buy a couple of 1935 Hupmobile coupes online just to get some sought-after original fender skirts for the '35 Hupp he was cleaning up. Buying vehicles "long distance" doesn't faze him.

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