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  • How to Install an Aftermarket Shifter on a Chevy V8 and TH350.

    When building Project Pile House I've pretty much discarded all of the original mechanics and I've been building from the ground up. I've already installed a SBC (small block Chevy V8) engine and a TH350 automatic transmission in the truck. Next I needed to install a universal shifter that would work with the changes I've made and look "right".  Click Here To Read Full Post...
  • Eastwood Dad John S.- What we want for Fathers Day!

    Fathers Day is fast approaching and we have loads of great Tools and Fathers Day Sale Items ready for you to wow your dad with. We made up a quick questionnaire for a few of our Eastwood Dads about the celebration that is Dad!

    Meet John S. He is our E-Commerce Marketing Analyst and handles our eBay, Amazon, etc stores. He just so happens to be a motorhead AND a great Dad! Check out what John had to say in response to our questions below.

    Tell us about your pride and joy(s) (your kids of course!)-

    I have a 17 year old son that just got his driver’s license. Now I have an excuse to buy another car. I have a daughter that just turned 12 years old. She likes to attend the local cruise nights with me. She also has her own collection of Hot Wheels Dune Buggies.

    2. What would you prefer for Fathers Day, a new pair of socks, a tie, or tools and why?

    I would prefer to get a new tool as a gift. I am not the type that wears a lot of ties and I would rather buy my socks. You can never have too many tools. I would enjoy getting a set of the Sunex Impact Sockets since I find myself reaching for the impact wrench and using chrome sockets too often (which is a big no-no!).

    3. Did you get your love for cool vehicles with engines from your dad? Any fond memories of your dad and you working together?

    My Dad owned his own garage. He would also work on cars at home almost every night. Some of the cars that stick in my mind that he would work on was a Red 1969 428 Mach 1 and a 1953 Corvette. I remember he was always buying cars and fixing them up. It seemed like we owned a new car every month. I went to work with him when I was 15 years old.

    4. If you could hand down any tools from your collection down to your kids, which would they find the most useful?

    Since it seems like they are always asking for screwdrivers I guess that would have to be it. I can never find my screwdrivers; this would be a nice gift for Father’s Day.

    GearWrench Ratcheting Wrenches

    5. What tool do you reach for the most when working around the garage or house?

    Recently I purchased a ratcheting wrench set we just started to offer. It is amazing how much easier it is to use a ratcheting wrench over a standard one. I don’t know how I managed without them all these years.

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  • Video- Installing New ProForged Suspension and Custom Front Air Suspension

    We know everyone loves videos as well as pictures, so to supplement Part 2 of our Front Suspension Project we decided to show you how we went about installing the new front Proforged suspension and steering parts, as well as the custom air ride suspension in this video. Although it looks pretty straight forward to build and install in the video, I must have had the front suspension apart at least 5-10 times! Enjoy the video and make sure to follow our next episode where we show you how we built a new set of running boards from scratch!


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