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  • How to bring Faded Plastic Parts Back to Life

    Like everything in this world, trends are seen throughout styling over the years. Whether it's the clothes worn or how they were designing cars, you can usually look at something and tell what era it's from. For many years chrome or heavy metal bumpers were the norm on all cars. These bumpers had no plastic and you could usually polish them up if they ever faded over the years. In the late 1970's-late 90's rubber and plastic found its way onto bumpers more and more until modern times where a bumper is made 90% of plastic. With cars from the late 70's through the 90's now becoming "classic cars" more people are turning to restoring or refreshing them. This means trying to bring back a faded old black plastic bumpers or trim is a major issue on these cars that was never a problem with traditional "old car" restorations.
  • When do you save a panel or throw it away? Repairing a Rusty Trunk Lid

    When your fabrication and welding skills start to progress you'll get to a point where not much scares you as far as repair goes. Whether it's rust or just old body damage anything can be fixed with enough time and skills. Over the past few years I've started to get myself to that point where I often have to approach a rusty panel with the question "Is it worth my time to fix it?". The answer can differ for many reasons. Is the panel easily available aftermarket or good used? How expensive are the panels? How soon do I need it versus how long it takes to get a replacement part?
  • How to Fabricate a Cowl Panel From Scratch

    I somehow ended up with this '29 Model A Roadster carcass I want to build a little replica-racer out of. It was cheap, the bones were there and I figured I could build it up when I found some non-existent free time. I'm a little stubborn and although I could buy an entire new steel replica body, or all of the panels new to make this car all solid again, I'd rather build the panels I need from scratch and bring a close to 90-year old car back from the dead for very little money out of my pocket. I decided I wanted to start in the front of the body and work my way back. The side cowl panels are almost ALWAYS rotted out on the bottom of these cars and after I looked at the remains of the originals I decided I could easily tackle making new panels for only a few bucks in sheet metal.
  • Top 5 Reasons You Need a Heat Gun

    A heat gun is one of those items that many garages are missing. Once you have one around the shop you'd be surprised how often they come in handy! We decided to put together a short list of our favorite uses
  • Which Seam Sealer and When to use

    Just like when priming and painting your car there are a lot of choices when it comes to picking a seam sealer when refinishing or repairing your project. Seam sealer is made to cover and seal areas where panels may have been welded or overlapped. It will keep the seam from getting moisture in between panels and rusting out. As long as you use the correct seam sealer and prepared the panel correctly it will last the lifetime of the vehicle. We decided to cover the seam sealers that we offer and their best applications.

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