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  • Flat Colors are the new Black?

    Anyone that follows the aftermarket automotive market will know that the trends change quickly, and often dramatically. Each year, Eastwood attends SEMA in search of new automotive tuning trends and products. This year while walking around, I began to notice a large amount of vehicles covered in flat or satin paint jobs. Now you may be saying "Matt, that's nothing new, flat black has been going on old hot rods for years!", but in this case it wasn't limited to old cars, hot rods, or just flat black. There were all sorts of different hues of flat and satin colors around the show. In fact, some of the most expensive cars at the show were painted in flat colors. I saw everything from your traditional flat black, to flat greens, purples, whites, grays, and more!

    I like that flat and satin colors are now being applied PROPERLY, not just a low quality spray paint job. In the past, I will admit that I was one to frown upon most any vehicle (except hot rods/rat rods) that were done this way. I had always thought of modified vehicles painted in a flat colors to be "hacked" or badly built. But now it seems that these properly prepped and painted vehicles are using the flat colors to possibly push your eye from the overall car to possibly something else on the car, be it the detailed engine bay, or the unique wheels bolted on the car.. it is a new concept, but I like it!

    Check out our different options for flat paint, and even powder if you want to powder coat some parts on your car to compliment the flat paint!

    Rat Rod Flat Colors
    Satin Paints

    Now if you really want to stay ahead of the flat color trend, try out our Rat Rod Flat Clear Coat. You can use this over any color to give it the flat look. This is where you can really get some neat effects! We have also had customers use the Rat Rod Flat Clear over their original "patina'ed" paint. The clear coat seals and protects the current weathered finish, without taking away from the original Patina of the paint. The options are limitless!

    Below are a few of my favorite flat colored cars from SEMA. Enjoy!

  • Eastwood at SEMA 2010 Wrap Up

    It was a great year at SEMA 2010, and we want to thank everyone for following our posts on our blog and Facebook! We were astounded by the great diversity of vehicles at the show this year! I definitely noticed a lot of "odd-ball" cars coming out of the woodwork and being displayed around the show. I would have to say the star vehicle of the show seemed to be the new Chevy Camaro. It seemed everywhere you went, there was a different company displaying their take on this revision of an old classic. Even though I'm not a muscle car guy at heart, I can definitely see the cues from the original Camaros and the possibilities for tuning and modifying them are endless!

    Here are some highlights from our last 24 hours at the show. I even managed to sneak in early Friday morning to shoot some photos of cars that had been mobbed all week with no interruption. Thanks for the feedback, and we'll see you all next year!

  • SEMA 2010 Day 3 Eastwood Exclusive

    Yesterday was a busy day forEastwood at SEMA as well as APEX. A few of us went over to APEX to check out the newest products on the horizon. I still managed to get you guys some photos of a few more stand out cars vehicles/displays from the show. I must say that the guys over at PPG had a booth that was "on-point". From the booth to the beautiful pair of Cadillacs, I was very impressed! I also noticed there is an abundance of cars with vinyl wraps. I heard of an extremely well done Bugatti that is on display with a very cool wrap. I'll be sure to get some shots today!
    Also keep an eye out for some photos and videos with our contest winner Tom Shinn!

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