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  • Take Your Kid To A Car Show!

    Eastwood people are family people who know the importance of spending quality time together. That's why Eastwood people like you know that sharing your appreciation for vintage or classic cars is a great way to nurture your kids' interest in a hobby that you can enjoy together for many years to come.

    Back around Father's Day we had a little contest asking customers to send in pictures of a parent-child team working together on a vehicle restoration. That's the kind of family collaboration encouraged by a new web site called

    That awareness program and web site was started by the Automotive Restoration Market Organization (ARMO), a council of SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Assn.), to deliver a simple yet effective message to parents and car show organizers about getting youth involved in the collector car hobby.

    The site includes lots of pictures of cool, old restored cars in the Photo Gallery. Younger children will love the coloring book pages they can download, giving them an early start on "customizing" their own cars! There's also a directory of car shows in your area. Got an iPhone or iPad? Download this free app and the kids can start customizing cars now!

    Every time a youngster helps to apply a coat of wax, change a set of brake shoes, install a new tail lamp lens, or perform a simple tune-up, he or she will begin to experience a growing sense of pride and accomplishment.

    Teaching a youngster to appreciate something as special as a classic car is a terrific way to communicate strong values of respect for all things, to help them understand the value of our history and our culture. And they will quickly learn positive ways to express themselves, perhaps even with a special car or truck that matches their own personal style.

    As you restore the past, remember to ensure the future; Take a Kid to a Car Show.

  • A Note of Appreciation From A Father-Son Team

    Every so often we get emails and letters from customers that want to share their buying experience with me. This particular email is pretty touching and it's a testamant to what each of us try and accomplish each time we have contact with YOU the customer. Mike and the crew in the retail store have really outdone themselves this time. This young enthusiast has experienced what the automotive hobby is really all about, the cars, sharing knowledge, and the relationships you make with others along the way. I only hope the positive, helpful attitude he received can be passed on to the younger generation as he gets older and more skilled. If you're local and want to plan out a future build, or need some advice on your current project, stop by and have a chat with these guys. They really do wanna hear what you're working on! We'll let his dad tell the story below.

    "Mr. Strohacker,

    I just wanted to drop you note to let you know of the positive experiences I have recently had when dealing with the individuals in your retail store in Pottstown, PA.

    In spring of this year my son (16) told me that he wanted to buy an old muscle car and restore it. After a great deal of searching he found a 74 Nova. The car was in pretty rough shape. Due to a previous oil leak inside the car, one of his first tasks was to remove the carpet and clean up the floor pans. He spent quite a bit of time removing rust to get them down to bare metal then he sprayed some primer on that we had purchased at the local auto parts store. Unfortunately this primer didn't hold up and they began to rust. Not wanting this to happen to the rest of the car he began to do some research and decided he wanted to buy some products from Eastwood. He was going to buy them online and have them shipped but knowing he was anxious I volunteered to drive to the retail store and pick them up since it's only an hour from our house.

    When I got to the retail store I presented my son's shopping list of items to Mike Ullman. He told me that he was impressed with the list of products and equipment my son had chosen which was reassuring to hear. What impressed me the most was Mike's interest in my son's project. He was genuinely enthused about a 16 year old working on an old car instead of sitting in front of the TV or playing video games. He offered several suggestions for use of the products, asked for pictures of progress of the car and provided his direct number in case we had any questions. Never having done an auto restoration project before I left the retail store with a very good feeling knowing we now had a good resource with years of experience to assist in this project.

    My son had been using a flux core welder that he had borrowed from a friend for some of the body work. He had taking metal working classes in high school and was not happy with using the flux core welder but the price was right. Last week his friend needed the welder back so he began to search for a true MIG welder. He saw on the Eastwood website that the MIG 135 was on sale but still a significant investment for a 16 year old. Knowing I could trust Mike's opinion I sent him an e-mail to ask about the equipment. He responded that it would be able to handle everything he needed and that there happen to be a scratch and dent model in the store that he could buy for a reduced price. That's all my son needed to hear. He was out of school early last Friday so we took a trip to the retail store.

    Josh took the time to show my son the welder and explained the features of the machine as well as making other suggestions that might be helpful as he's using the equipment. My son was also planning on picking up some of the low end body filler but after discussing what he was doing with Mike, he recommended a bit more expensive product but said he would be much happier with the results and that it was well worth the additional money. After using the alternative body filler on Sunday, my son said that Mike was right. Zak was also there and offered other suggestions and tips so we ended up with some rust encapsulator as well. Another very positive experience at the retail store.

    On the way home my son commented that he couldn't believe how friendly, helpful and supportive everyone was to him. Over the past 6 months he's put a great deal of time and effort into this car and I think it made him feel good to talk to other people who truly appreciate the time and effort it takes to complete a project like this.

    I apologize for the length of this note but thought it was important for me to relay as best I could the commitment and caring of some of your employees that I have had the pleasure to encounter. If this is any indication of the rest of people in your organization, there is no doubt in my mind that your company will be successful for years to come.

    Thank you for your time.

    Jim Malkowski
    Lancaster, PA"

    Thanks to Jim and his son for making the trip out to our retail store, and most of all for sharing this great experience with us!

  • Dana Gabbard- 1946 Ford Convertible

    "My dad is 72 years old. He has a 1946 Ford Convertible that he has had since his twenties. It is in pieces. I have always dreamed of having a street rod and auto body shop. Dad has always supported me in everything, including getting my business off the groung. Five years ago I purchased a building and made a go of it. Dad is there to help every day not expecting anything in return. We have survived a tough economy where I work very long hours just to see that my employees and all of the bills get paid, and Dad is right there supporting me all the way. He has sacrificed being able to put his car on the road to see that I achieve my dream. It is hard to see him grow older each year and not have his car together. My dad lives his life for others. For as long as I can remember, he had dressed up as Santa and gone to hoses of Family, Friends, and complete strangers on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with candy canes he buys himself, just to bring joy to others. He is so selfless and deserves to have that car driveable while he can still enjoy it. $2,500 in Eastwood credit would go a long ways in getting some of the products and materials needed to get his project going. Please help me in saying thank you to my dad, Dana Gabbard, a great man who deserves it. Thanks Marc Gabbard Yakima, WA"

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