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  • Create Factory-Like Spot Welds with Your MIG Welder

    Spot Welds with a MIG Welder?  Factory Quality and Super Easy!


    If you're going for that factory original look but need to replace panels with stamped new ones you'll need to recreate the spot welds.  Simple enough if you have a resistance spot welder but most guys don't have one in their home shop and they can get pricey for an individual user.

    Now there is an easier way to recreate those spot welds using your MIG welder and the help of the Eastwood MIG Spot Weld Kit.  This, easy to use and affordable, kit is a perfect alternate to an actual spot welder, with the added bonus of only needing access to one side of the panel.  A convential spot welder requires contact to both sides of the panels.   This kit is compatible with all MIG welders that use a Tweco style torch, not just Eastwood Welders.


    This kit includes a specially designed torch nozzle, a pair of locking clamps, and two drill bits.  This is all you will need to recreate a factory like finish to your project.



    To set your MIG welder up with the kit all you have to do is unscrew the nozzle and screw on the spot weld nozzle, its that simple.


    Photo Sep 02, 2 47 02 PM

    Start by lining up the two panels to be welded and make a mark where you want them to sit as well as where you want the weld to be.  For large sections use a straight edge or a ruler and mark off all the weld locations with equal distance.  Once you make the first weld there is no going back to mark and re-measure.  It is very difficult to drill holes through only the top panel. After the panels are marked, separate them and drill holes only in the top panel.  Only after all the holes have been drilled can you clamp them back together.

    Extra Tip: To make sure your spot welds are perfect every time, get two pieces of scrap metal that are the same thickness as your project.  Drill holes in one piece and practice a few welds.  This will help you dial in your welder to the perfect settings.  This will also give you a few extra attempts to get the welds to sit flat on the panel.  You wouldn't want to go back and grind out an ugly weld on your project.



    With the two panels clamped where you want them take the nozzle of the welder and set it against the top panel between the openings in the clamp.  When you begin to weld make sure the first point of contact is with the bottom panel. If at first the the weld arcs to the outside of the drilled hole it may block off the opening and never make contact with the lower panel.  If this happens you will need to grind the area down and drill a new hole and try again.


    Photo Aug 26, 5 58 49 PM (1)

    Start the weld and hold for about 2 seconds, any longer and a puddle will build and the weld will not end up flat on the panel.  You want to have amperage of your welder set about 25% higher than you normally would for the thickness of metal you are welding.  This allows the weld to penetrate into the second panel ensuring a strong weld.



    Here is the finished product, aside from a little slag that can easily be sanded off, the weld sits flush with the top panel.  Shown below; I made sure to check the underside of the panel to make sure there is a discolored ring directly below the weld this verifies that a good strong weld was made.



    Using the Eastwood MIG Spot Weld Kit is the best way to achieve factory looking spot welds at home using only your MIG welder.  This kit will save you time and money allowing you to get that project done and on the road.


    Check out the Eastwood Blog and Tech Archive for more How-To's, Tips and Tricks to help you with all your automotive projects.  If you have a recommendation for future article or have a project you want explained don't hesitate to leave a comment.


    - James R. / EW

  • How Do You Perform a Spot Weld on a Joint?

    Using a stitch welder to spot weld two pieces of metal together is useful when you have one piece with round holes in it that needs to be welded to another flat piece underneath. If you drill holes in one of your metal panels, clamp it completely flat over the other panel you want to weld it to. You should be able to see the base metal through the holes in the top panel. Too spot weld this joint together, simply place the electrode in each of the holes. Since the rod is arcing on the inner metal panel, complete penetration is assured.

    Now, all you have to do is simply fill in the panel holes with weld forming a “spot.” Remember that the best way to prevent burn through is to minimize the gap between each panel as much as possible. As always practice spot welding with your stitch welder electrode on drilled pieces of scrap metal before attempting to perform one on your vehicle.

    To learn more about joints and for more automotive articles, be sure to visit

  • What is a Flange Joint and How Do You Perform One?

    When it comes to auto body patch panel installations, no joint is more useful than a flange joint. A flange joint is very similar to a lap joint except that the area that is overlapped on one of the metal pieces is lower than the rest, making both pieces at equal elevation when welding. ....
  • How to Repair Rust With a TIG Welder- Rusty Door Skin Repair

    There's a handful of ways you can tackle repairing rust in your vehicle and all of them have their place. The most common would probably be cutting out the metal and MIG welding a patch panel in place. While this method is the easiest to accomplish, it can be difficult to blend the weld seam into the surrounding metal. I've done repairs this way for many years and they've turned out ok, but I've always wanted to master TIG welding patch panels and metal finishing the area for a seamless repair. I've recently begun switching a lot of my welding projects ....
  • Eastwood Two Time Popular Mechanics Editors Choice Award at SEMA 2012

    Winning a new product award at SEMA is pretty exciting and every company at the SEMA show is eager to receive any type of recognition for their new products. Here at Eastwood we work every day to try and get you new innovative products you can actually use.

    This year at the 2012 SEMA show one of our items in the new product showcase was picked for an Editors Choice Award by Popular Mechanics Magazine once again. You may remember last year our Aerosol Injection won an award. This year our product designer Mark R accepted the 2012 award for our MIG Spot Weld Kit.

    Eastwood MIG Spot Weld Kit

    Mark and our R&D crew developed this product just like many of our products; he found a problem while working on his own restoration project and designed an affordable solution. Now you can save money and space by keeping the MIG spot weld kit on your welding cart. Just thread it onto your MIG gun when you want to use it without having to drag out another tool.

    We're honored to win the award two years in a row, and while many product designers would be feeling the pressure to go for a three-peat; we're just doing the same we've been doing for years.. bringing you affordable, innovative products to solve problems in the shop.

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