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  • ‘Shop Talk’ Podcast - Episode 8: Jerry Dixey, Automotive Journalist, Enthusiast

    How about a chance to win $1,000 in tools this summer? In this episode of Eastwood’s ‘Shop Talk,’ Kevin Tetz sits down and talks shop with Jerry Dixey, automotive journalist, enthusiast & Tour Director. This past year, Jerry’s hard work and 375,000+ miles touring with the Street Rodder Road Tour have earned him the NSRA Street Rodding Achievement Award, presented to him at SEMA 2012.  Click Here To Read Full Post...
  • Street Rodder Road Tour 1940 Ford Nearing Completion- reassembling a 1940 Ford

    The last time we checked in with Street Rodder and Hollywood Hot Rods the paint on the body was still wet. Since then they've been busy getting the car ready for the first leg of the Street Rodder Road Tour and it's unveiling this weekend. We got these sneak peeks from the crew over at Street Rodder Magazine just the other day.

    After rolling the car back to Hollywood Hot Rods from the paint shop, Troy and crew were ready to start buckling down and assemble the Ford. This is the fun part most times, but it is a tedious process installing all of those freshly painted, chromed, and powder coated parts!

    With the exterior starting to look pretty complete, they moved on to the interior. The team decided to go for a classy, but custom retrim in the 40 Ford. They had some help from a local interior shop to help them meet the deadlines, but it is coming together great. We are loving the color-matched piping details, it really pulls it all together!

    With the Ford looking more like a complete car Troy and his crew moved on to mounting up the drivetrain and making the new Ford Racing Coyote V-8 crate engine live. They opted to go with electronic fuel injection to get the most power out of the engine AND the best fuel mileage possible (for a flowed 5L 302 Mustang Boss Engine that is!). Instead of screwdrivers, carb synchs, and their ears, these guys are using a computer to tune the engine so this car will run as well as the latest pony car from the Ford stable.

    With things really coming down to the line for the Road Tour and the debut this weekend the team at Hollywood Hotrods is really buckling down. Stay tuned for the finished pictures of this beautiful 40 Ford and make sure you come out to the kickoff of the east coast leg of the tour on July 14th at the Eastwood Summer Classic! Thanks for watching and we'll see you in July!


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  • Eastwood Cruze-In Brings in local Classic Cars

    We were so excited for our second annual Eastwood Summer Classic car show July 14th, we decided to hold a cruise in to get some of the local enthusiasts. We were pleasantly surprised at the turnout and it was nice to see some of the cars that guys brought out for the first time this season! We documented the event on video. Check it out and start getting your rides ready for the main event in July!


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  • Eastwood Summer Classic Coverage Take 2!


    We are still digging through the loads of pictures, video, etc we took during the show. Here is the next batch of cool rides I snapped some shots of throughout the day. Enjoy!

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  • Eastwood Summer Classic Free Show & Shine

    Eastwood Summer Classic Free Show & Shine

    Why do any of us build, restore, chop, and modify our vehicles? Most times the answer to that question (no matter what people might tell you) is that they want to show off their hard work and have something out of the ordinary. Sure we all love the process of transforming a car.. but the looks, conversation, and praise you get when others see your vehicle, is a big part of why we do this. Here at Eastwood we want to invite everyone to come out and celebrate our love for the hobby, and show off your hard work at the "Eastwood Summer Classic" Show and Shine. It also ties in with National Collector Car Appreciation Day too! As an added bonus, this will be the kickoff event for the Eastern leg of the famous Street Rodder Road Tour 2011! Street Rodder Mag icon Jerry Dixey will be blogging, filiming, and reporting throughout all of the tours. So get your ride polished up, and come out to the Eastwood Headquarters for a celebration of our love for the hobby, and a chance to hang out with some folks from Street Rodder Magazine! We also will be offering AWESOME DISCOUNTS in our retail store, FREE Prize Giveaways, Tech Demos, Food, and lots of good times! To stay updated, be sure to check back here at the Eastwood Blog for updates as they become available!

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