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  • Straightening the Heavily Dented Roof- Eastwood MIG Stud Weld Kit

    Pilehouse didn't live a charmed life, it was used and abused as a farm truck, then sat for many years in the woods. Mother Nature has really left her mark on the truck. From the scratches and scrapes, to HUGE dents and smashed in sections, some would say I'm a masochist for taking on such a project. I've always liked a challenge and I thought straightening the roof would be just that.

    Some of the dents on the roof were fixed by metal bumping them back into shape with the Eastwood Pro Hammer and Dolly Kit, but other areas weren't so easy. I found a few pesky dents that were in areas I couldn't get to, or were simply creased and needed some pulling before I worked them with the hammer and dolly. We recently released a new MIG Stud Welding Kit that was perfect for the job. This kit allows you to turn your MIG welder into a stud welder. I've always hated using a traditional stud welder. It's bulky, heavy, and hard to get a solid weld with. It's pretty simple, just add the MIG Stud nozzle to the end of the MIG gun and slide a stud into the nozzle. Then just hit the trigger for a couple seconds and I've got a firmly attached stud for pulling dents.

    Below is the damage I was repairing. It looks like a sharp edge scraped against the roof and really did a number on this spot. After Stripping the paint and surface rust, I had bare metal to weld my studs to.

    I began welding studs into the deepest portion of the crease and using the slide hammer to pull the dent out. I like to leave the studs in place until I've got the dent roughly pulled out. This way I can come back and give a couple more pulls on the slide hammer if an area didn't quite pop out like I wanted.

    After I got the dent roughed out, I cut off the studs and used a flap disc to take the stud welds back down to the surface. I then like to check the area with the palm of my hand for low spots I missed. This crease came out after only a handful of pulls and you can see below it's MUCH better. It only took a little more hammer and dolly work to have it ready for a skim coat of filler, then primer. If you have the patience you could eventually metal finish this area perfect and only use primer. This whole project took 30 minutes, so I'd say repairing this crease was a relatively easy job (I wish all repairs were this easy!).

  • Pull Dents and Saving Money- Eastwood MIG Stud Welding Kit

    Since the beginning of automotive time, fixing body damage and pulling dents has been a necessary task. Unless you're one of the lucky few that scored a pristine barn-find, your going to have to pull some dents and repair some battle scars on your project vehicle. Sure you could just drop it off at the body shop with a trunk full of Benjamins ($100 bills for those not hip), and sit back and let them deal with it.. but what's the fun in that? Here at Eastwood it's no secret we love DIY projects and we also enjoy helping you save money. The new MIG Stud Welding Kit was designed just for that. We all have limited space in our shop and limited cash in our pockets, both of which disappear quickly when you have to buy an expensive, bulky stud welder. Our product engineers worked hard to develop a kit you could attach to one of the most common tools in your garage; the MIG welder. Slid the kit on, drop in an ordinary resistance welder stud, dial your welder in and your ready to go. With a quick press of the MIG gun trigger, your stud is attached and you can start pulling the dent with the slide hammer.

    MIG Stud Welding Kit

    MIG Stud Welding Kit

    Make sure you check out the video above which shows you the basics for pulling a dent (even if you have one of those large resistance stud welders). It also gives some insight into how easy it is to use our new stud welding kit; you won't be disappointed. If you have any ideas for time-saving or money-saving products, feel free to drop us a line and we'd be happy to try and make your idea become a reality!


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